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    Hovet, Stockholm 24/10/09
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    Wembley Stadium 11/09/10
    Estadi Olimpic, Barcelona 07/06/13
  1. This, well expressed! I like the whole poem, it's got a nice rythm to it.
  2. Oh, are you one of the two people who stood at the barrier with an Estonian flag in 2007? In that case i sat behind you in the queue. Fast 2007 blev dom ju tvugna att byta till Hovet pga biljettefterfrågan, och dom har väl fått många nya fans nu så det blir nog en del folk ändå.
  3. Oh your brain is already virused with that thought! :phu:.


    You saw FF ;D haha, thats good for you :happy:

    I've been ill all week, so I was only laying in bed doing NOTHING :LOL:. I was better than you :cool:

  4. :LOL:

    NOOOO, he's a teddy! I'm not thinking about that!!! :pope: *covers ears and hums*


    My weeks been good, except for a constantly growing pile of homework... I saw Franz Ferdinand last saturday, they were awesome. :D How've you been hun?

  5. Kinky bastard? Hmm, might that be Tom? :shifty:



    He hasn't? :erm: But but...come onn! He must be! Look how fast he's making babies! :p.


    :LOL: Anyway, how was your week? :kiss:.

  6. T'is.

    haha, if I only had one with me…

    At least next time we know NOT to enter.


    Mhm, selling strawberries is like asperagus, it's seasonal.


    Yeah, unfortunately and I'm missing keywords so far. Dunno even for what to search… :erm:

  7. Argh, that's so annoying. >_< You should've thrown a sausage at him. Sounds like good work though, hope things go better on tuesday and that you get it! I'm gonna call and see if i can get a job selling strawberries. :LOL: I think it doesn't start 'til May though. I like strawberries. I want summer now plz.


    Oh, so not only doctor info then... :LOL: Too bad, but still quite interesting. :yesey:

  8. T'was.

    And now I was to a test thingy for Emnid. That would have been calling people and doing surveys, working times and stuff are really flexible and payment's not that bad either.

    So we were there, me and my friend, did the typing test, and didn't knew if we had to enter or not, so we asked the boy who was finished before us. He said he had pressed enter, so we did, too.

    Turned out this was wrong, and since the test was over now, we have to redo it on Tuesday. Meh.

    And the best thing? That boy wasn't even remotely sorry. "You wouldn't have needed to listen to me…" As if it's our fault. Well maybe it is partially, but he was the one to give out the fucking wrong information. Could have been at least a bit sorry or less non-caring.



    Wasn't good. Have to look more into British Society and compare those, two. Meh…

  9. Aw, sounds like hard work indeed. I'm looking for summer jobs, i've sent in applications to three places so far... Not enough though, it's hard to get one. :( I need to go ask around in shops and stuff.


    Ooh, I'm sure it will. :D It's certainly a good subject to write about. :yesey:

  10. hmm, yes, you make a good point, but I need a kinky bastard too right? :ninja: And Chris...hasn't got it in him. :rolleyes: I have Zach though, but sometimes one's not enough. ;):LOL: :LOL:

  11. Oh yes, I worked for two days this week. Cleansing job. Once ten hours the night, the other day 8,5 hours. Bloody knackering…


    Finished it today. At around 5am…

    Hope it'll be good.

  12. :LOL: But plz, you can keep him ;). You know, he's maybe hairy...looks Italian...+ got a beer-belly, but look at this from the other side! You'll have someone to cuddle to! :D.
  13. :LOL:

    naaaaw, chris is like a big teddy bear, i don't wanna corrupt his cuddly mind :LOL::p

  14. I reeeally need to save money. :eek: For the summer holidays, possible Muse and work placement somewhere in the world in the autumn...


    Oh cool with a term paper about the doctor! :D How's it turning out?

  15. :LOL: I'll try to make him happy, but first I must celebrate with Matt :cool:.


    Haha, well - if that's Matt's studio, then I wanna see how Dom sits in there with his drumkit :LOL: Nice drum-seat tho :yesey:.

    Oh yes, plz :p Just - you take Chris :shifty: I take teh rest :ninja: *coughs* you got Zach, so with Chris you got two already*coughs*.


    Well, I don't think he'd fit in that toilet with boys, you know, even Chris' hands are too big for this toilet :LOL:. So he surely just put the cam on the toilet :shifty:. But yea, Dom got a new toy - leopard belt :stunned:. such a shame Matt didn't stand in the place of Dom or Chris - then we'd see *coughs* "SEXIEST MALE 2009" as I call "SEXIEST MAN ALIVE" :p.

    Of course, don't get offended Dom :shifty:

    Dom: :phu: Im too sexy for an award, just people don't get it :rolleyes:.


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