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  1. Ticketmaster is listing Standing/Level 1 unallocated seating (same as Wembley 2010) - if this is the case then go for these - you'll then be able to choose between the view from the seats or getting moshed to death in standing
  2. If someone in the future does invent a time machine, then they could go back in time and be here now. I could be from the future.... so could Matt in fact!! lol Its all a bit scary if you make that assumption. It means that the future already exists and that the past still exists as well...
  3. Bear with me on this one.... Matt decides to take a drive to visit the Jorvik Viking Centre. On the way he stops for petrol. He walks into the garage shop to pay and, spying the assistant's name badge, says (slowly, so he can understand) "Hi Edd, pump number 3 please mate". "Hey, aren't you Matt Bellamy off of MUSE?" comments Edd. "Er.. yeah" replies Matt. "What brings you all the way up here?" "I'm visiting the Jorvic Centre in York." "D'ya need directions to get there, Matt?" "No thanks" says Matt, "I don't need another map of York, Edd"
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