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    Tennis, only thing im good at..:)
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    Mock The Week
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    Origin of Symmetry
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    Wembley Arena 23/11/06
    Wembley Stadium 16/06/07
    Royal Albert Hall 12/04/08
  1. I thought they sounded pretty fecking good..
  2. Thought contagion sounded good, really energetic. Not a natural starter though.
  3. ..and there was me asking for Jimmy Kane in the comments section #fruitless
  4. So lucky I was in Camden around lunch time when I saw this was announced.
  5. 4x Gigs Showbiz Sunburn x1 Unintended x2 Muscle Museum x1 Origin of Symmetry New Born x4 Bliss x4 Plug in Baby x4 Micro Cuts x1 Citizen Erased x2 Feeling Good x3 Megalomania x1 Absolution Apocalypse Please x1 Stockholm Syndrome x3 Hysteria x3 Time is Running Out x4 Butterflies and Hurricanes x3 Blackout x2 Fury x1 Black Holes and Revelations Take a Bow x3 Starlight x4 Supermassive Black Hole x4 Map of the Problematique x3 Soldiers Poem x1 Invincible x3 Hoodoo x2 City of Delusion x2 Knights of Cydonia x4 The Resistance Uprising x1 Resistance x1 Undisclosed Desires x1 United States of Eurasia x1 Guiding Light x1 The 2nd Law Supremacy x1 Madness x1 Panic Station x1 Animals x1 Follow Me x1 Liquid State x1 Unsustainable x1 Isolated System x1 Survival x1 Others Dead Star x1 Forced In x1 Man of Mystery x1 Osaka Jam x1 Dracula Mountain x1
  6. If anyone has a +1 i live like 5 minutes away from the venue in camden and can provide accomidation OR assistance pm please, ill be standing nearby the roundhouse cheers:D
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