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    I like Muse (no, really?), the Bond films, Doctor Who, and wasting my life away on message boards.
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    New Hampshire: Where Men are Men and Sheep are Scared.
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    Writing, music, reading, films,travel.
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    Odd Jobs
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    Oh god, where do I begin? Cant you just go to my myspace?
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    See Above.
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    The Daily Show with John Stewart.
    Family Guy
    Samantha Brown
    the Colbert Report
    The Young Ones
    Doctor Who
    and lots of others...
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    Oi vey....far too many.
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    Hullabaloo Soundtrack
    Absolution DVD
    and various downloads Ive burned to CD
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    Curiosa festival 2004 Tweeter Center, Mansfield MA.
    Bank of America Pavilion 2006, Boston MA.
    Madison Square Garden 2007 New York, NY.
    Agganis Arena 2007 Boston MA.
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  1. happy birthday, have a good one!! :D

  2. Yay for april 5th! :D

  3. April 5th! Which is amazing because until last night I thought it was April 15th! Soooon! Mythbusters is awesome, Craig is awesome, and when the two come together=too awesome for words!

  4. What night is the premiere? April something? Craig is a shameless Mythbusters fan. :LOL:

  5. OMG I KNOW! So exciting. I can't believe it's actually happening!

  6. OMG - Robot Skeleton, aka Geoff Peterson! I can't wait to see him premiered on Craig's show!

  7. Me too! From where I was it look like he tossed it right on to the ground, but my mum saw that it was on to one of the drums. It was right after he did the whole "hey I can balance a guitar on my head" thing.
  8. haha! No problem. I'm just glad I wasn't missing something :LOL:

  9. It was someone called Vader, my apologies.

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