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  1. '04 by far, Matt didn't even shuffle during TIRO yesterday:phu: And of course I prefer the '04 setlist to that of '10. But that's not really fair, because I'll always prefer the pre- BHAR and TR setlists:p Nonetheless, it was a nice gig yesterday, enjoyed watching it:)
  2. Finally got mine in the mail today! Number 2098 Number 1954, which I got earlier, is actually Shrinking Universe's. If you could change that, paul_nicko, i'd be grateful
  3. Hottentotten.. My dad calls their music 'a cacophony of sounds'... he always acts like it's hurting his ears my mother didn't like them at first.. because she thought they sounded whining, but now she like's starlight and bliss.. she even recognized them when they were on tv with smbh (which is a big deal, because she doesn't really know much 'recent' bands) and she liked the song
  4. Subscribed too, recently, but I haven't done much with it yet http://sophiecharlotte.deviantart.com/ I've got few photo's and some of my paintings uploaded for now.. the rest will come later
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