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  1. Refreshed constantly for the first few minutes, didn't get anything, had to go out about ten past 9. Tickets seemingly started selling about a minute after that. Can't bloody believe it Oh well, Friday it is then!
  2. When you say mid-afternoon, what sort of time (roughly) do you think that would be? My friend and I ate at Nandos before the gig on the 12th - we walked straight in the door, no queue, a little before 5pm. Queues start building up between 5.30/6 cause of people arriving after work, etc. Any time before that should be fine though!
  3. I really enjoyed that Went in with fairly low expectations and ended up having a great time. Was stood near the back(ish) with my mate, we still had a great view and we ended up absolutely dancing our arses off! Setlist was pretty decent to me but I haven't been following the other gigs/sets too closely so that probably helped. Sunburn was a very nice surprise! Take a Bow also sounded INCREDIBLE. Even enjoyed TIRO and PIB and I'm normally sick to death of those Curious to see how many pictures/videos I accidentally end up in - another friend of mine posted a picture on fb from where she was sat in block 101 and I (wearing a bright yellow shirt and about 20 glowsticks) stick out like a sore thumb RE. the water situation - yes you can ask for a free cup of tap water from any of the bars/food areas inside.
  4. I live an hour from London. Could've gone. Didn't.
  5. Haha, see you there It's going to be a long wait so it'll be nice to have some company! That's certainly one way of putting it People travelling up on the Saturday - what time are you all getting there? I need to book my train up but have no idea what sort of time I should go for.
  6. Ah, I didn't even see that, and it's only £8. Does mean having to wait in London for two hours until the first train to Colchester, but I'm sure I can figure something out! The things we put ourselves through for this band!
  7. Now this I could definitely do! Seeing Elbow in London on the Saturday so I could easily get a cheap hotel that night and get an early flight out on Sunday morning. Just have to hope there'll be tickets left in a few weeks because I can't afford anything atm!
  8. Apologies if something's already been posted and I've missed it, but are there any videos of the KoC pit yet? That was absolutely epic.
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