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  1. So who are the people on here who keep hugging dip at gigs
  2. Marmozets were fucking awesome as per usual. Sound was a bit wank though, Becca's mic was so quiet at times. Heard it was alright for people at the side though.
  3. Frank

    Dear Niall

    I don't know much about bans, so why was Gorker only banned for two weeks after what he posted in L&R? Doesn't he deserve a longer ban after being so foul? Say aye
  4. Frank

    Dear Niall

    This has been interesting for me. Though it may not bother me personally and though it isn't really a part of my vocabulary anymore I'll be making sure I don't use the word "gay" the way I have done in the past, nod.
  5. Frank

    Dear Niall

    Never go to a pub in Sittingbourne.
  6. Frank

    Dear Niall

    Bold bit= true, good point. I do wonder if I were a lesbian and had been bullied and called horrible things because of my sexuality how much I'd mind hearing the word "gay" used so casually by people. I say this because I'm not easily offended by words, if they're not said in malicious ways. I'm not bothered if I hear jokes about sexual abuse, despite some things I went through as a kid. And I don't mind if someone jokingly uses the word "retard" and I have a sibling with downs syndrome. I don't know what that says about me, nothing good I guess.
  7. Frank

    Dear Niall

    I saw your status and now I'm having a moment wondering if I'm a naive knob end who needs educating because I really don't care if people use the word "gay" out of laziness, as mentioned in that article. I used to use it like that and I can honestly say it had jack shit to do with sexuality, I used it like I would use the word "twat", it's just a word to me. And I'm bi, if that counts for anything. Hmm, halp pls.
  8. What a good watch, I must remember to run down the stairs that way.

  9. I think posting that gif may have become some sort of birthday tradition between you and I, much appreciated.

  10. Ah ok, what time will you be leaving Fronce? Think I'll have to get the 10.30 one so I can get back in time for a gig in London! Thanks lovely, sorry about your mum, that really sucks.
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