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  1. So who are the people on here who keep hugging dip at gigs
  2. Marmozets were fucking awesome as per usual. Sound was a bit wank though, Becca's mic was so quiet at times. Heard it was alright for people at the side though.
  3. Frank

    Dear Niall

    I don't know much about bans, so why was Gorker only banned for two weeks after what he posted in L&R? Doesn't he deserve a longer ban after being so foul? Say aye
  4. Frank

    Dear Niall

    This has been interesting for me. Though it may not bother me personally and though it isn't really a part of my vocabulary anymore I'll be making sure I don't use the word "gay" the way I have done in the past, nod.
  5. Frank

    Dear Niall

    Never go to a pub in Sittingbourne.
  6. Frank

    Dear Niall

    Bold bit= true, good point. I do wonder if I were a lesbian and had been bullied and called horrible things because of my sexuality how much I'd mind hearing the word "gay" used so casually by people. I say this because I'm not easily offended by words, if they're not said in malicious ways. I'm not bothered if I hear jokes about sexual abuse, despite some things I went through as a kid. And I don't mind if someone jokingly uses the word "retard" and I have a sibling with downs syndrome. I don't know what that says about me, nothing good I guess.
  7. Frank

    Dear Niall

    I saw your status and now I'm having a moment wondering if I'm a naive knob end who needs educating because I really don't care if people use the word "gay" out of laziness, as mentioned in that article. I used to use it like that and I can honestly say it had jack shit to do with sexuality, I used it like I would use the word "twat", it's just a word to me. And I'm bi, if that counts for anything. Hmm, halp pls.
  8. What a good watch, I must remember to run down the stairs that way.

  9. I would feel guilty if I failed to post it.

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