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  1. What a good watch, I must remember to run down the stairs that way.

  2. I would feel guilty if I failed to post it.

  3. I think posting that gif may have become some sort of birthday tradition between you and I, much appreciated.

  4. haha! No problem. I'm just glad I wasn't missing something :LOL:

  5. It was someone called Vader, my apologies.

  6. Haha, ah shit. Must have been someone else who posted at a similar time to you who had it in their sig. Bollocks. Must pay more attention.

  7. I am enjoying this unicorn game, the music especially.

  8. No problem, hope you had a good Christmas! He must have had them for ages, he's so made of fail lol

  9. Becky! Just wanted to say thank you so much for the card and the cute little bag of sweets, dip gave them to me yesterday. :happy:

  10. Way naaaaaaaay! :( Sorry about that. Glad it arrived! :D

  11. Ee, you're welcome! :happy: I got yours too, it's all pretty and lovely. Though the envelope did give me a paper cut. Thank youu!

  12. I got your card!!! :LOL::happy: Loved the sparkly things and...and...everything! Thanks so much, milady.

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