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  1. I was reading, and so many of them made me laugh. I don't know if it's already been posted, i can't remember, but i found matt bellamy's epic power slide, yeah! haha
  2. sorry i was really wierd up there..--hyperness-- it happens everytime i drink coke... but i have an idea for a cartoon thing. chris takes Alfie away in a cottage in norfolk or something and alfie gets kidnapped and chris needs to find him..somehow. very bad i dea. but thought it would help
  3. i can't see the shoes..*sniff*
  4. OMFG STARBERRY_JUICE!!! U ROCK SO MUCH! I LOVE YOUR COMIC SO MUCH! ^_^ i love the bit when matt sez " I JUST HIT ON A SPIDER!" lol klassic! you're so talented it's painfully unbelievably! can i put up a link to urdevinart site from my piczo site? PWWWWEEEAAASE??
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