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  1. As a long time fan, i felt a little disillusionment with Muse for the past few years, their concerts didn't really match up with what they were previously. After watching a few gigs from this year on youtube, i can only say. HOLY SHIT They are back on form, and they are killing it. Bring on next years UK tour, will be getting tickets this time round.
  2. MK Ultra was good Uprising was a good sing a long The EXO genesis 3 part thing was overhyped...
  3. Just seen the setlist for the Zepp gig... What the actual hell was that about? My faith in muse is restored. And what's all this talk about UK gigs that people are on about?
  4. Showbiz: 6/10 OOS: 9.5/10 Abso: 8.5/10 BHAR: 8/10 TR: 6.5/10 2nd Law: 4.5-5/10 IMHO They been going down hill album wise ever since OOS. Although there are cracking songs on every album.
  5. if muse don't improve those setlists, they are not getting hold of my HARD EARNED money And thats the point, hard earned money....Tricky economic situations, money is tight, fork out £50/£60 to see a band, and they give me 18 or 19 songs 5 albums in, lasting not even 2 hours... Sorry, but NOT.A.CHANCE. Screw the "new" fans, if your gonna waste 50 quid on a ticket, its your fault if you've never been arsed to check out the "old" stuff.
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