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  1. Cant remember last time I posted on here. Not a fan at all. Why would they release a trailer of the song when it basically is the song. WTF is it with these BS 'lyrics' on 'thermodynamics' or whatever. Doesn't feel like a track at all. Agree with the people that spoke about parts of it being 'copied and pasted' because it feels like it has no structure at all. That's a shame because was really optimistic from the trailer. That said, it does cut off quite suddenly so hopefully part 2 will lead on to something decent. Just wish they'd make it one track though. Anyway, see you again in a few years.
  2. Happy Birthday. Enjoy!

  3. happy B-day!

    best wishes! =)

  4. where have you been hiding?

  5. you left early yesterday. Shame really! :LOL:

  6. Did you get my message on IM lastnight. Sorry about that. Unfortunately unavoidable. :( But I will be on chat at lunchtime for a small while if you are around. ;)

  7. you are on line I see!!! You wanna chat for a while?

  8. I'd say that review hit the nail on the head tbh....
  9. MrPowell

    Glastonbury 2010

    Awesome awesome performance. Set list is as expected, but they were not playing primarily to Muse fans. I don't really think Exogenesis would have suited that gig, as much as I would love to hear it live. But two of my mates there both said that it was amazing!
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