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  1. Cant remember last time I posted on here. Not a fan at all. Why would they release a trailer of the song when it basically is the song. WTF is it with these BS 'lyrics' on 'thermodynamics' or whatever. Doesn't feel like a track at all. Agree with the people that spoke about parts of it being 'copied and pasted' because it feels like it has no structure at all. That's a shame because was really optimistic from the trailer. That said, it does cut off quite suddenly so hopefully part 2 will lead on to something decent. Just wish they'd make it one track though. Anyway, see you again in a few years.
  2. Happy Birthday. Enjoy!

  3. happy B-day!

    best wishes! =)

  4. where have you been hiding?

  5. you left early yesterday. Shame really! :LOL:

  6. Did you get my message on IM lastnight. Sorry about that. Unfortunately unavoidable. :( But I will be on chat at lunchtime for a small while if you are around. ;)

  7. you are on line I see!!! You wanna chat for a while?

  8. oi! you never came online! i was all ready for a deep and meaningful chat! :p

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. :kiss::party::dance:

  10. hello how are you

  11. Hello; do I know you?


    You have a lot of friends on here...

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