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    er, tall?
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    MUSE, yoga, art, music, music, music, music
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    Gawd tons, changes daily, too many to list here but for tops Kings of Leon, Interpol, The Music, Foo Fighters, Ladytron, Wolfmother, DIOYY, The Whip, Chemical Brothers, Goldfrapp, Reverend and the Makers, Kasabian, Soulwax...............
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    Star Wars films but NOT the last 3 made - I'm sad but not that sad, Alien films. Anything sci-fi really
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    Dr Who, Star Gate SG1, Heroes. Yes more sci-fi. There's a theme here
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    Any Kathy Reichs, Karin Slaugter. Discworld books. The Dune series.
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    Showbiz, OoS, Hullaballo CD & DVD, Absolution CD & DVD, BH&R, HAARP, tons of bootlegs. Hypermusic/Feeling Good Single CD
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    MEN arena Nov 06
    Rockhal, Lux April 07
    Wembley Stadium x 2
    Locarno, Switzerland July 07
    Stockholm Oct 07
    Oslo Oct 07
    Copenhagen Oct 07
    RAH April 08
    V Chelmsford 08
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  1. Finally got through to Ticketmaster Customer Services, they said they are being flexible with this event and allowing people to change the payment card. But the buyer has to do the transfer. Hope that helps!
  2. I have the same problem, my other half got me a ticket but paid for it with his credit card. Will try ringing the Academy tomorrow and let you know how I get on. I daren't get my hopes up until I know!
  3. Hi guys I have a standing ticket for sale, details on musebay if anyone is interested. I bought it in a blind panic in the summer with my UK one but have now decided not to go.
  4. :dance:We have new album finally and lots of musey gigs to look forward to so yep life is looking mighty fine thank u! Hope life is good for u too, cheers for stopping by

  5. :musesign::musesign:Hello there hope life is good.
  6. Where are you hyperbaby? Did you stop to have supper? I will try to find you later bye.

  7. So how long have you been a Muse fan?

  8. Where will your responce show up

  9. hyperbaby I keep going around in circles can you help me to navigate through this message board.

    Thanks flemingstrat

  10. Haha yeah it's me - some Facebook stalking was in order to check I'd got the right person :p

    Yeah it was magical - I welled up a few times haha shaking with excitement :happy: CAAAAVE! And those rolling cloud lasers during USoE :eek: US and UD were :awesome: I can't stop listening to UD on the media player :D.

    Did you get back okay? It was a wonderful weekend, despite my hangover haha. Roll on November!



  11. Is that u Chrissy???!!! Whoah! can't believe u remembered my user. We had the best gig ever - 11th time for me and that saturday night is now my favourite. Hope u did too hon

    Sam xx

  12. I love ya babes!!!!! Even if you do eat worms :))))

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