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    V Chelmsford 08
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  1. Finally got through to Ticketmaster Customer Services, they said they are being flexible with this event and allowing people to change the payment card. But the buyer has to do the transfer. Hope that helps!
  2. I have the same problem, my other half got me a ticket but paid for it with his credit card. Will try ringing the Academy tomorrow and let you know how I get on. I daren't get my hopes up until I know!
  3. Hi guys I have a standing ticket for sale, details on musebay if anyone is interested. I bought it in a blind panic in the summer with my UK one but have now decided not to go.
  4. there's engineering works that night. I think a change at hunts cross is needed as there will be no direct trains thru to Manchester. check nationalrail.co.uk for full route details and last trains. hope thus helps
  5. tix were available to be bought from the venue box office from day they went on sale. I have mine from seetickets and they were sent out ages ago. they don't have a hologram on them from recollection but their is foil blocking on the arena text. hope that helps to soothe ur nerves.
  6. :dance:We have new album finally and lots of musey gigs to look forward to so yep life is looking mighty fine thank u! Hope life is good for u too, cheers for stopping by

  7. :musesign::musesign:Hello there hope life is good.
  8. Hi all Been to the arena today to watch the davis cup so it was a good opp to sus out the venue. The arena is quite small compared to the MEN - it's narrow - about two thirds the barrier width i'd say of the MEN so if u want a spot get there early. There are 2 entrances cityside and riverside. It says on ur ticket which u need. The nearest is cityside, u walk round the side for riverside. We were riverside seated and there were no signs for standing there so I'd say standing enrtrance will def by cityside. The box office is next to the cityside entrance. Car Park next to the arena is extremely small so don't bother. Nearest car park i think then is the Liverpool 1 one. But i think it's pretty pricey Last train back to Manc is 23.38 - plenty of time to walk back to lime street, takes half an hour at leisurely pace. With it being across the road from Liverpool 1 and next to Albert Dock there are tons of restaurants and bars around the place. There's a Pizza Express and a bar/restaurant right next to the arena. If u want cheap supplies for the day there's a Greggs in Liverpool 1 opposite the info office. It's a windy spot being next to the Mersey so wrap up, there's no shelter from the rain if ur queuing. If u need any other info let me know - i work in Liverpool and live half an hour away. Oh and weirdest thing of the day - a crappy violin/cello group came on b4 the tennis doing britney and other mixes - the last one they did was james bond theme tune with space dementia mixed in - wtf!!!!
  9. Where are you hyperbaby? Did you stop to have supper? I will try to find you later bye.

  10. So how long have you been a Muse fan?

  11. Where will your responce show up

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