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  1. I said I've been a member since 2006. Why would I be unsure of that? I have nearly 300 posts going (albeit from years ago). The sarcasm is unnecessary - especially given how annoying this issue has been for veteran members. I don't know (or remember) who the mods are or how to contact them because I don't normally give a toss or have any need to contact them. Thank you for the replies and for the above info, though. I got my old profile back so it's resolved thanks to your input. Creating a "new" account with my old account info worked
  2. god no. A crap song is a crap song. AI is such spectacular rubbish.
  3. this sort of thing doesn't work if you take yourself too seriously. Matt knows how to laugh at himself. I don't think Mr. Durbin gets the joke.
  4. socializing is a fucking chore sometimes
  5. bahaha no. Matt doesn't have asperger's, and if he has tourette's, it's the special imaginary kind that only comes out when he's raving drunk and in a manic mood. He's really quite easy to have conversations with, if you can get over your own shyness (which I rarely can)
  6. by far the sexiest Muse song ever written
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