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  1. Thank you! It's always been a favourite of mine, don't know why! It just rolls off the tongue when singing it! :D

  2. Great! Those were taken with my TZ7, not used my TZ10 at any gigs yet but hope to get some at the Kasabian gig on Monday :)


    I use the high-speed burst mode at gigs as I find that the best way of getting some decent shots. Obviously you do end up with literally hundreds of pics to sort through but that doesn't bother me! :LOL:


    Took these pics with my TZ10 yesterday:




    As you can see, it's a pretty good camera! :happy:

  3. Firstly, the picture quality in less than perfect light of the TZ20 is pretty poor. I bought one and sent it back within days, was VERY disappointed with it compared to my old TZ7!


    Instead I bought the older TZ10 which has the same sensor as my old TZ7 and takes MUCH better photos than the TZ20.


    Not sure about XP, I've got Windows 7 and that recognises and plays the AVCHD videos, that's the setting I always use.


    I actually know someone (on a forum, trustworthy) who's selling a TZ10 (they're becoming scarce and increasing in price brand new) with a 16GB card and a case for £160, very good price, he's not had it very long at all.



  4. Hi Tania :) Have you sold your Kasabian Brighton ticket yet?

  5. Pip

    Sorry Becks, only just spotted this! That is simply hilarious! Thank you for sharing the link! :LOL::LOL:

  6. Pip

    Thank you! Awwww, it was just amazing! :)

  7. Posted it in the Reading thread! :LOL::LOL:

  8. It was just the pitch, nearly burst my eardrums! :LOL::LOL:

  9. Don't worry about it! Made me laugh!:LOL: Well, apart from the final scream before New Born! :stunned::stunned::eek::LOL:

  10. I managed to film the intro and a bit of SD and HM. You may hear some noise from my neighbour on the footage! :LOL::LOL::LOL:


    will upload in a while :)

  11. Hello you! I would have stayed but I ended up with my head in the (VERY smelly!) armpit of Mr Tall to my right and I just couldn't see a thing! Could have survived the crush, just, but not seeing anything other than an armpit was too much! :LOL:

  12. Well, I'm told my daughter and I look quite alike so if you see and old woman (me!) with a younger-looking version of herself then you've probably found the right group!:LOL:


    I expect there will be about ten of us, including two Americans and two Canadians :)

  13. Hi Shane:)


    This is where we're meeting...




    The Alto Lounge. I've never been there, or to Reading even, but a couple of people recommended it as a good place to meet for drinks. Planning on meeting from about 7.30pm next Thursday ;)

  14. It starts at 3pm so some time before then. I've only to been to the one other match and there were very few people there. Expect there to be a LOT more at this one and don't necessarily expect to get close to Chris ;)

  15. Pip

    Ok, I can't keep track of who's going and not going but want to make sure anyone who's around that night knows where some of us will be.

  16. Pip

    Lol, yes! Did she mention it to you?

  17. Pip

    Has Elaine given you details of the mini-meet on Thursday the 25th of August in Reading? Don't know if you're doing Leeds first or just Reading.

  18. Pip

    Try not to take the nasty comments to heart honey :kiss::kiss:


    Yes, the singing was awful, no, I wouldn't have sounded any better and yes, it did make me chuckle! I watched it several times so must have enjoyed it! :happy:


    I stood up for you guys in the thread anyway ;)

  19. Lol! Brian!

  20. Pip

    Merry Christmas!

  21. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too!:happy:

  22. A very Merry Christmas to you too Liam! You are an absolute star! :kiss:

  23. That's ok! Thank you!:)

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