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  1. My sister and I are travelling down from Edinburgh. Does anyone know Bristol well? If so, we are staying in the city centre and need a plan to get back to our hotel. We don’t fancy walking back in a city we don’t know. Is there easy public transport or is there a pub nearby to try for a cab? Any recommendations please?
  2. This is my complaint to the theatre re. the sound and their reply - are they taking the mickey? There were only 25 people there and six of us were unhappy. Dear Sirs I am writing to express my disappointment in your showing of the Muse film last night. There was obviously a sound problem with reduced volume and very little base. There appeared to be a slight improvement for the last song only. As the sound was the most important part of the film, Please could you let me know what went wrong? Yours sincerely EL Thank you for your email. I don't know why but the producers of the event decided to mix the sound as 4 channels rather than the 6 we have available, so there was no audio sent to the Sub Bass Speaker (LFE) behind the screen nor to the center speaker behind the screen. The only speakers in use were the Left and Right behind the screen and the surround speakers in the auditorium. I've copied below an extract from the technical brief we received from the content providers AUDIO The feature is intentionally mixed in 4.0 to give an ‘all-encompassing, in the round’ concert feel and to follow the concert that is in the centre of the arena on a revolving set, and not from one singular point/stage. We are aware there is no information on the LFE or centre channel This does not require adjustment from the cinemas sound equipment. So as far as we are concerned there was nothing wrong with the sound equipment in the Cinema, It was how the content / producers providers wanted it to be heard. I did speak to a few customers at the end and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. So in closing all I can do is apologise on behalf of the producers / content providers for your disappointment. How the audio is mixed is out of our control, we can only playout what they send us. Yours sincerely. Neil Poole Cinema Manager
  3. This was a tricky experience, but managed to get 4 tickets in the nosebleed seats - hope I don't have to duck when the drones start flying!
  4. I love Glasgow - Block 217 row B - Pretty happy with these considering I'm up in the gods at Manchester.
  5. Hi there, The city centre is great for shopping - Selfridges, etc and just in front of Harvey Nichols is Sinclair's Oyster Bar - it has a lot of outdoor seating and the drinks are not too expensive, it's always buzzing in the afternoons and I'm sure a lot of Musers will be in and out of there. I don't think there is a meet-up organised yet.
  6. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Muse-promo-mini-dvd-rare-cd-t-shirt-rock-poster-ticket-/111001190686?ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:GB:1123 The last time this was on ebay with the same seller I asked what the content of the disc was, the reply: hi, i dont know the band so i dont know the songs but its live show - tenscale2012 Then it was taken down rapidly. Anyone else fancy a bit of sport?
  7. I got back from Glasgow to discover my Hamburg tickets had arrived - happy days!
  8. We started the gig at Chris' side near the back. The crowd was dead and the view was horrendous, we couldn't see the screens at all around the stage. We moved to the rear centre, but again, the screens weren't visible. We ended up at Matt's side and went in at the front. Again, we couldn't see the screens even though we were really close to the stage. The sound wasn't the best either, we got a near-good sound when we went up front but I have experienced better. The atmosphere WAS different depending on where you were and yes, there were a lot of slower moments ruined by people talking, I also admit that I was one of thost talking at points because the music was almost like background music. Even when we were up front I didn't experience my usual 'goosebumps'. Agreed, this was my 11th Muse gig and by far my worst sound-wise. Set list-wise I have no grumbles whatsoever. They were very early on and thanks for giving us the end time. So glad you enjoyed your first Muse experience, you will now be totally addicted and will spend all your spare time and money on them - BE WARNED!!!! This wasn't my favourite venue- the sound was bad and I couldn't see the screens wherever I stood so I can't wait for Manchester next week. We'll be sitting so I hope I will be able to see the show in its entirety.
  9. I'm heading for the SECC bar afterward to meet up with a couple of friends but none of us know Glasgow so will play it by ear.
  10. Yesss! Got the email today to say tickets are on their way - this will be my first German gig - it's going to be brilliant!
  11. lol! Is that Andrew? Hope you are around afterwards, I'll be in contact with a few musers via text so facebook me/send your phone number if you know a cheaper bar near to the SECC!
  12. I'm from Coldstream and this will be my 11th Muse concert, I'm hoping to meet up in the SECC bar with a few people after the gig - give me a shout if you see an old woman wearing a black Muse hoodie
  13. Sounds very expensive for very little.
  14. It's really interesting reading all your posts in this thread. I first heard Muse on Kerrang probably in 2001 and immediately bought OoS, then in time all the others. I wasn't really into seeing bands live but when by chance I saw that Muse was coming to Newcastle in 2006 I bought tickets and joined .mu. I will never forget that first night I saw the band perform live. I felt that I had discovered a secret and the following day I was desperate to experience it again. My husband was fine about it and said he would treat me to see them at their next gig in Paris, but when I tried to get tickets all that was left were obscured views so husby said why don't you go to the next one? It happened to be in Riga so me and my sister headed off to Latvia to see them where they were again amazing. The following night we went to see Aerosmith at the Skonto Stadium where they arrived very late, Steve Tyler howled his way through all the songs, the sound was distorted, one of the screens was down and we were so bored we left before the end. This proved Muse to be the class act that they are and I am now totally addicted.
  15. Yay! Back row lower tier, so happy.
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