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  1. Most people aren't paying for music , gigs only chance to make money?
  2. Looks like most of my flight is heading to parklife! Gonna head to Etihad just after 3 .
  3. Portable chargers are banned from the stadium. Anyone know a 24/7 locker in the city centre?
  4. Flying solo for this gig and not very familiar with Manchester. Can either arrive at 0900 or 1430 and then flight home 0600 next morning to avoid hotel. I've a standing ticket. Any idea from previous gigs what time doors open, rough stage times? Is it easy enough to get from airport to etihad? Might have to go for the earlier flight to allow for delays. Any recommended pubs to kill a few hours post gig before heading back to the airport?
  5. Can someone post the link for Manchester. Using mobile and nothings coming up. Having a f**king nightmare today.
  6. Getting nowhere with this Madrid date. Am i being stupid or is 1400 spanish time
  7. Is the Madrid show likely to sell out straight away?
  8. Hilariously awful imo but crowd reaction should be entertaining
  9. Will need to rethink my budget and pick another show dont think a soulless Werchter crowd is gonna be enough!
  10. Will probably return to Rock Werchter, need something to look forward to! A show with the production levels of Coventry would be nice.
  11. Nice of them to play Assassin for me since they broke their promise to play it in Belfast I lost it at that point, brilliant to hear it!
  12. Haha similar kinna situation . Underwhelmed by Belfast show but now heading to London for my 7th Muse gig ...
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