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  1. I don't think anyone would mind that :p I wanted to steal the one in Mansons haha

    Can't stop listening to the album :) WOO it's so good. I got the boxset :D so now i'm POOR! haha

    Where are you from anyway? :O

  2. HAHA it's a funny story about the drumstick.... I asked the man to throw it to me, and it just fell short of me so my mate grabbed it and this Norwegian girl did too. Anyway, long story short, i got it in the end but the girl went off bitchin' on muselive :p AHHH the whole album is beautiful ♥

  3. Hey, yeah i saw them both days :) you? Ohh and i got a drumstick on the saturday, good times :)

  4. Hey :)


    My hair isn't pink anymore :p But it may come back one day hahaha :D

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