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    malice mizer, schwarz stein, velvet eden, suede, radiohead, dir en grey, moi dix mois, franz ferdinand, the clash, the strokes, gosh it goes on. i'll finish it later..ahh the list isn't complete without me writing muse in it.
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    ju on 1, ju on 2, the crow
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    the bold and the beautiful
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    catcher in the rye, freakanomics, animal farm
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    28th January - Big Day Out

    30th January - Festival Hall

    15th November - Rod Laver
  1. yeah, but you know, they're not hurting anyone. it's not illegal for someone to go to a concert just because they want to see it. seeing heaps of teenyboppers wearing dresses (god knows why) didn't have any impact on how good the concert was for me.
  2. I SAW YOU AND I WAS LIKE "dude she looks familiar..." except i didn't know you'd be wearing a red shirt! i was the one with the white shirt with MUSE and song names all over it and uneven haircut
  3. OH MY GOD I JUST GOT BACK THAT WAS INCREDIBLE and i met two musers! FUCK! BEST MUSE GIG EVER the setlist was really good, i couldn't believe they played fury and i didn't know if it was proper etiquette to stay seated ...but i just got up and jumped around anyway
  4. OH MY GOD I'M LEAVING LIKE, NOW remember, look out for the girl with a white shirt that says MUSE and has song names all over it and uneven haircut OH MY GOD *freaks* HAVE FUN EVERYONE!
  5. nawwwh. i wasted all my money on the tickets. and i really want that knights of cydonia hoodie.
  6. are you in the mosh? be careful if you're bringing one in there mine got smashed:indiff:
  7. if anyone see's a girl with an uneven haircut and a streak of blue through her hair, come and say hi. that'd be me.
  8. my oh my. i got my tickets today! i'm so excited i don't know what time to get there...it's gonna take me a while to get there after school and it's fun to soak up the atmosphere before the gig i hope to see some of us muse.mu musers there it's so soon!
  9. heh, i missed out the second half of my school camp to see muse on thursday but i'm sick, oh joy. that just had to happen
  10. oh no... the concerts getting closer isn't it? i still don't have my tickets! if anyone knows anyone who could sell 2 to me it would be much appreciated..
  11. does anyone know how much tickets will be? i'm already seeing MCR so i'm a bit tight on money at the moment *hopes it's not expensive*
  12. "this man is hideous to look at." "what is this? crazy hippy shit?" "that is so gay" "what the hell are you listening to" "bullshit. this is a woman not a man" and my favourite - "THEY'RE EMO"
  13. brilliant! do animal nitrate - suede fast priceless
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