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  1. Is there going to be a northerner Muser meet any time soon? I've always meant to go to one, but never got around to doing so D: Still buzzing from the gig. Finally trawled through my pictures and videos that I took. Not as good as the videos you guys took (I was RIGHT at the very back of the seating area, opposite the stage). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jraxh9esH9U
  2. KeeperOfTheLow - I noticed this too! I'm not usually one to judge others, but jesus christ. There were so many chavvy people there. There were some who came and sat where me and my boyfriend had sat down at first, like, around/behind/in front of us. They started drinking like fish (not got a problem with alcohol, just those who may as well be inhaling it). Throwing their cups and bottles everywhere. Smoking pot very blatantly in front of everyone. Unfortunately, the wind was blowing in my direction, so I got a (not so) lovely face full of arse-scented smoke. Blablah.
  3. Agreeing with you there, somewhat. Obviously, let loose and have a good time. But there's no need to act irresponsible and potentially hurt other people by acting daft. You don't have to get absolutely hammered to enjoy yourself. I don't drink at all, and I enjoyed it. However, I noticed some people had drank to excess and proceeded to vom all over the place. Not nice having to step over pools of the stuff. Blegh.
  4. Time for my mini review. Absolutely LOVED the gig. The atmosphere was great (or at least it looked it down at the front, I was sat way at the back like a little bitch ). I adored the setlist, a great mix of old and new! However, I too wished to hear MK Ultra. I bloody love that song. The only thing that tarnished the evening, were the dickheads sat right next to me smoking spliffs and generally being a bunch of twats; screaming/cackling, having "deep" non-Muse related conversations during the entire time Muse were playing. Seriously, it was like they were just sat in the pub airing out their dirty laundry. There was also this girl who was a few rows down from me and my boyfriend, she was dancing the entire way through the gig. Not once did she stop, she was like a machine. Determination or Ecstasy? You decide XD Great night though, but I enjoyed myself more at the Echo Arena last November.
  5. Have a safe journey! Let us know when you arrive FFFFFFFFFFFF. Only just getting ready now. Do you reckon most people will be after standing up? I really want to get a seat and I'm awful at standing up for ages
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