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    I paint shoes to fund my undying love of European bands. Been to the UK more times than I've been to Southern California...
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    Palo Alto, CA in Sept
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    Art, Fashion
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    Kaizers Orchestra <3
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    28 Days Later
    Anything with Ed Norton in it
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    the Colbert Report
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    The Cruelest Miles
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    All the standard stuff plus OOS and Abso vinyls. Showbiz continues to elude me on Ebay...
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    18/7/06 - Concourse SF
    9/4/07 - Civic Center SF
    and Wembleyyy
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  1. Cool shoes)) What kind of spray did you use?

  2. corgi

    Muse Vans (shoes)

    Thanks for the compliments guys During the summer I'm having a bit of a sale, since I don't have all of the work and commitments of the school year . I'm also trying to save up for a trip to Glastonbury 2010 (that sounds so weird!) and for next year's college tuition (the amount is to scary to type...) so yeah, until September 15th all Vans are $150, which is about £90 Also, my website has been seriously updated since the last time I posted here; the Absolution pair looks different now...
  3. I like your shoes; they're cool.

  4. can i have some free..?

  5. just been on your site and saw the articles and you must really love painting! and really generous of you to give all that time to painting shoes for the kids :)

  6. corgi

    Muse Vans (shoes)

    yeah, to be honest, I'd never wear the pair with faces either . The first one I did was more of an experiment with the paint, and they've been under my bed ever since. I much prefer just a design like the OOS or radiohead ones I did for myself
  7. corgi

    Muse Vans (shoes)

    haha, I never understood that artwork but yeah, it might look good on shoes
  8. corgi

    Muse Vans (shoes)

    yeah, all three of them and they're all smiling! ...and about the BH&R singles, that is a good idea! I actually only own one pair of vans for myself, and the ones I'm doing now are radiohead theme...but I can't wait for someone to order a BH&R pair
  9. corgi

    Muse Vans (shoes)

    thanks for the feedback guys, I'm totally open to advice <3 and yeah, the faces could use some work especially chris, he's hard to draw edit: ^cute pic in your sig!!
  10. corgi

    Muse Vans (shoes)

    took the pics down a long time ago because some of people in these forums are pretty rude. They're just giving their opinions I suppose, but unless they're going to give me critique or pointers, I'd rather not have my art be called "shitty and childish" : / The pictures are all here though: www.chabolla.com
  11. corgi

    Muse Vans (shoes)

    Not at all! I painted them with acrylics; it took about 2 days After that, I sprayed them with sealer so the paint woudn't come off. It didn't work so well, but for all the shoes I make now, I'm using Jacquard Textile Paint.
  12. corgi

    Muse Vans (shoes)

    I sell ones like these at http://www.chabolla.com I've got pictures there, and in the Muse art thread.
  13. corgi

    Muse Vans (shoes)

    um...ok. do you have a reason or is it just "LOL"? Cause it's pretty shitty to say that unless you can tell me why
  14. more vans here: http://www.chabolla.com edit: I have no idea why this topic is in bootlegs...it should obviously be in art/poerty. If a mod could move it, that'd be great
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