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    O2 Arena - Oct 2012
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  1. I haven't received mine yet - I ordred the vinyl version if this makes a difference. I will never pre-order anything again as it never turns up on time but forced to with the early access ticket thing. I'm not overly fussed mind you as I've heard the album and it's pretty pants to be honest.
  2. Pleased Muse are playing in my hometown. Not pleased I couldn't get tickets. Hope those who have tickets don't take these guys for granted!!! If anyone out there is feeling charitable, I would offer good money for your ticket.
  3. How is he stupid? Muse massively changed their direction after Absolution yet we are all here discussing them (negatively or positively) still. The reason for that is they still hold appeal to most fans. Those who genuinely dislike the recent Muse wouldn't even grace these very pages. I don't like Coldplay, but I don't infiltrate their forums to berate them. We all love Muse really I think.
  4. Can't beat pre release banter. Every bloody time. Let's just all skip buying the album and all assume it's going to be shit. I like my glass to be half full. Hang on, I felt this way with Resistance and that turned out to be shit. Oh i dont know. Thank you
  5. Can't wait to get in my car at 5PM and crank out both DI and Psycho. They are both great (not the greatest) but it is the ultimate teaser for what is going one heck of a narrative I feel.
  6. Just watched the lyric video and can't think of anything other than James Bond! The new movie has got Muse written all over it. First Survival now this. I so hope it happens.
  7. Put this and Psycho together and I feel the album is going to be a roller coaster of brilliance. Matt describing Globalist as being a 10 minute progressive rock sequel to Citizen Erazed did strange things to my pants. Slightly cheesy easy listening single out of the way, awesome Muser friendly chaos to follow!
  8. Did any of the haters use their vote at the top of the page? 5.56% (as I type this) of people NOT liking the song, yet most comments that I see are mostly negative. Love the song by the way. Not as epic as Newborn, Bliss, Showbiz, KoC, Stockholm, Citizen etc.. but I find it fun and enjoyable nevertheless. Can easily name 20 album songs that are worse. Guess it's all down to individual taste and moods at the end of the day.
  9. Absolutely ace! Was a bit 'meh' at first but after several listens, I fooooooking love it. As far as album teasers go, this definitely trumps USOE and Uprising by a country mile and paths the way to what is going to be very VERY interesting album.
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