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  1. Thanks to those who shared the email to customer service. Had reply within 20 mins and have purchases my tickets.
  2. :D Just before christmas I adopted a stray cat. Her name just had to be MAT ilda. She is so loveable
  3. 4157. Waited for Mr Postman all day tuesday ,gave up about 2ish. Then when my partner came round he said "Oh I forgot to bring your parcel that came today!!" Thats when the penny dropped.....when I pre-ordered it I gave his address as I had just sold my house. Doh!!!
  4. Hi can see pic of david tennant A very nice pic of david tennant at that well done xx
  5. All Musey should be loud whilst driving but especially Plug in baby, Newborn and Knights and not forgetting supermassive and Hysteria and oh all of it:D
  6. That is so beautiful:D I wanted a muse related one but could not make up my mind about design etc then decided to incorporate something musey with something personal and came up with this It is simple but I love it.
  7. Could not have said it any better, I myself have managed to covert 3 to the power of muse and am working on a 4th, nearly there:D Done it no.4 is in the bag:LOL:
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