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  1. It seems to be a generic HH speaker they're using now (same one from the Cub amps). But yeah, I'm trying to find out if that's the only difference - I can always replace the speaker, but if there's other things going on I'm probably going to be a bit cautious about putting money down. They seem to have dropped in price too, so I'm wondering if they've made other changes to justify that.
  2. Anyone tried a Laney VC15 since they shifted production to China and stopped putting Jensens in them? I used to have one years ago, and was considering buying another one, but just found out about the changes in production.
  3. I'm selling KoC on picture disc, plus a bunch of other stuff, if anyone's interested!
  4. Does anyone know of anywhere in the UK that can print up a couple of custom nameplates for an amp and cab? I've been checking out options and they're almost all US-based, and the postage is a killer, or UK-based and specialising in large runs.
  5. Selling my Jet City combo. Ideally you'd be able to collect it in Glasgow, but I'd happily be quite flexible about delivery for someone on here. eBay link
  6. Pretty much what I figured (and I haven't even begun to price up customs costs). I'm just looking for something cheap to practise on. Just spotted an Ibanez Talman on Thomann for £155, so might look into that.
  7. Anyone tried a Double Muff? It seems to fill the space between overdrive and fuzz, which is exactly what I'm after. I can't find anywhere local stocking them, so I'm relying on Youtube samples and word of mouth here (but for 30-odd quid, I'm not going to feel too bad for ordering one online).
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