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    Reading Festival 2006
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  1. Gigs ----- Reading festival 2006 Wembley arena 2006 Wembley Stadium 2007 V Festival 2008 Teignmouth 2009 Sheffield Arena 2009 Wembley Stadium 2010 O2 Arena 2012 Emirates Stadium 2013 Manchester Academy 2015 Manchester Arena 2016 Manchester Arena 2016 Showbiz --------- Sunburn x 2 Falling Down Cave Showbiz Unintended x 3 Origin of Symmetry --------------------- New Born x 8 Bliss x 6 Space Dementia Hyper Music Plug in Baby x 11 Citizen Erased x 3 Micro Cuts Feeling Good x 9 Absolution ------------- Time Is Running Out x 12 Stockholm Syndrome x 9 Interlude x 5 Hysteria x 9 Butterflies & Hurricanes x 3 Blackout x 2 Ruled By Secrecy Black Holes & Revlations ---------------------------- Take A Bow x 6 Starlight x 12 Supermassive Black Hole x 12 Map of the Problematique x 9 Soldiers Poem x 2 Invincible x 4 Assassin Exo-Politics City of Delusion x 2 Hoodoo Knights of Cydonia x 12 The Resistance ----------------- Uprising x 8 Resistance x 7 Undisclosed Desires x 5 United States of Eurasia x 4 Guiding Light x 3 Unnatural Selection x 3 MK Ultra Exogenesis pt 1: Overture x 2 The 2nd Law -------------- Supremacy x 2 Madness x 4 Panic Station x 2 Prelude Survival x 2 Follow Me x 2 Animals x 2 Explorers The 2nd Law: Unsustainable x 2 The 2nd Law: Isolated System x 4 Drones -------- Dead Inside x 2 Psycho x 3 Mercy x 2 Reapers x 3 The Handler x 2 Revolt The Globalist x 2 Drones x 4 Non-album stuff ------------------ Dead Star x 3 Fury The Groove Host (Partial) Forced In Man Of Mystery Popcorn
  2. Phil2211

    Pre-Show Songs

    Arcade Fire - Reflektor Tame Impala - Elephant
  3. on the subject of stages - saw alt-J last night and it was the by far the best "stage show" I've ever seen (I've seen Muse 10+ times since 2006). Simple but visually stunning - essentially just LEDS, lights and a few mobile screens. Complimented each song perfectly with very little repetition. I don't think they need to strip back their stage but could do it with less gimics (actors and tacky drones) just an amazing light show set to the music would suffice.
  4. Matt on Radio 2 at 8:20 with an exclusive announcement..... UK tour dates surely?
  5. Was very sceptical a few months ago but seems this album may actually deliver. I'm not expecting OOS/ Abso levels of greatness but so far im the tone has been suitably dark (more in keeping with "old" muse), the guitar work and vocals are probably the best we've heard from matt in a long time but they've managed to balance it right so it's still accessible to the more casual fan. If this is Mutt's work then I hope they stick with him for a while longer. Well impressed
  6. Well out of the loop - sorry! - but are we expecting Mercy to be released in the not too distant future given it's track length has now suddenly appeared on iTunes? (And nothing else has)
  7. Based on the limited descriptions so far of the Globalist, I'm expecting Drones - as a finale to be relatively understated, like all of the other final tracks (bar KOC). I doubt they're going to have a closing track as equally mental if there's a 10 minute prog nightmare beforehand.....
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