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  2. Καλη χρονια! :party:

  3. Καλά, εγώ δεν το εννούσα ακριβώς έτσι...
  4. Μη λέτε τέτοια. Ανατρίχιασα και μόνο που το διάβασα
  5. Heyy! :happy:


    I can't believe that Wembley was ten days ago. :supersad: I really want to get back to London and see Muse again. Just have to wait couple years to do that I guess.

  6. Αυτό είναι θέμα... Σκεφτόμουν να τους στείλω να ρωτήσω, μ' έχει προλάβει κανείς μήπως;
  7. hey!


    yea, i've been wondering the same thing for quite some years now, but i've been too bored to investigate further. do let me know if you manage to find out :p

  8. how do you edit the word underneath your name, when on the forum, that says member? Lots of people have really random stuff in place of it. Oh, you have member as well. Not sure if you'll know. Haha. Worth the ask.

  9. tell me when it's ready, so we can go back to wembleyyy

  10. trying to invent time-travel :(

  11. helloooo :awesome: how are you?

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