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    I'm a very nice married lady really...
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    Associate Dharma Teacher in Shinnyo-en Buddhist order (esoteric Mahayana), Tattoos, holistic therapies: aromatherapy, Swedish massage, reflexology & Indian head massage etc; music, photography, tandem skydives, writing dodgy poems, Muse of course, collecting crystals and minerals
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    Showbiz (CD), Hullabaloo (CD), Origin of Symmetry (CD), Absolution (CD & DVD), Black Holes & Revelations (CD), Black Holes & Revelations (CD with DVD- Limited Tour Edition), All singles released from Black Holes on CD & DVD, HAARP DVD & CD, The Resistance, The 2nd Law (deluxe box set), Drones (deluxe box set), Simulation Theory (deluxe box set).
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    Birmingham NEC 14th Nov' 2006, Wembley (both nights) June 2007, Wembley stadium Sept 2010, , O2 Arena London Oct 2012 (both nights), Ricoh stadium Coventry May 2013, O2 Arena London April 2016 (both nights), London Stadium June 2019...
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  1. Go for a hug- it could be your only chance! Congratulations to all 3 winners btw I have to admit that I'm pretty devestated after being up over 18 hrs trying to upload my vid, having to fill myself with morphine to keep going due to pain etc but after ending upuploading a fifth attempt at a video at about 5.30am and finding it difficult to obey all the rules it was pretty crap! Savour every moment you get to spend with the band, take lots of photos (and post them on the forum!) and have lots of fun!!! xxx
  2. Hope you enjoyed Vegas- did you meet the lads???:musesign:

  3. Hiya! *waves frantically*

    No news from Myspace (funnily enough ;) ) But let us not give up hope! If you win give Matty a big snog from me :)

    I'm off on a plane in a bit to Las Vegasland so if I'm silent its cos I havent managed to find a way to log into .mu on the wifi or whatnot.

    If I bump into them (Ha! Even less likely than winning the bloomin comp!) I'll give them a snog from you yeah? :)

  4. Thank you, I hope so too and I might even take you as my +1 for helping me sort the problem! I think my bass instructor might have something to say about that though as he's currently top of that list as my husband can't get time off work being an army officer! Thanks again xxx
  5. I downloaded Firefox and then it worked!! It IS a flippin' Internet Explorer/microsoft conspiracy, sorry, "issue", lol. Thank you x 1,000,000,000!
  6. I really appreciate your efforts, don't get me wrong It's the lack of sleep getting to me I think! Thank you- I shall keep trying, after all, it may be another Microsoft conspiracy... lol xx
  7. Sadly I've tried that so many times I've almost worn my Refresh Page button out! This is not funny anymore, I stayed up for over 18 hrs yesterday trying to get this done, just had a few hours sleep and I'm still in the same clothes as I fell asleep on the couch exhausted! Any new ideas??
  8. Tis my favourite thing in the whole wide world:happy: It took about 12 1/2hrs over 3 sessions to complete and I loved every minute I have quite a lot of ink on me so in total I've got about 75hrs worth of tattooing on me... and I still want more, lol. There are some lovely pieces of tattoo art in this thread
  9. Hi Kev, it's the "Get Close With Muse" video competition where fans can create a video saying why they think they should win the chance to meet the band in San Francisco and do an interview. Here's the link to their page, the offending widget is on the right of their picture. The button for step 2 seems to be broken as it asks you to log-in even if you're already logged in and then the Log-in button is broken! I've messaged MySpace but they probably won't reply til after the deadline (which people are also confused about as it's based on the US Pacific time zone http://www.myspace.com/muse I really hope you can help- I'm disabed and this is the only big Muse competition I can enter as I can't take part in their treasure hunts etc. Thank you xxx
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