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  1. Looks like it won't be played in 2012, looking forward to hearing it in 2013 Who ever tagged this thread as "guiding light is better" yuck yuck...I don't agree!
  2. Halez_Mina

    Big Freeze Live

    I've noticed this song hasn't been given a run yet in any gigs. Not sure what the band personally think of the song but surprised they haven't played it once. I know its divided a few fans with a bit of a love/hate relationship to the song.. Â When do you think it'll be played? (if ever) Is this like Exo-politics was to BHR? (least played live track) Would you like to hear it live? Has the band made any mention of the song? Â Personally I'd like to hear it for Matt's vocal performance...as was seen on the 2nd Law docu he finds false-setto much easier to nail than the kind of notes that are in this song (chorus).
  3. Yeah thats true, but they could suprise us like last time with another date being released for Festival Hall... but some how i think its doubtful they will release another date for the November gig in Melbourne (or anywhere else) this time around
  4. That's an alright price, it's a fair bit of monies, but compared to some other shows its cheap ...and you/we all know it wont be a rip off
  5. LOL... don't get me started on them.. "Muse and Special Guests"... yes they were 'special', but NOT in the good way... @ winno: they were called 'Ground Component' I'm pretty sure, also it seems we are getting the same birthday present ^____^
  6. Ooh, I imagined the set up of Rod Laver, much the same as how they set up the Telstra Dome.There was no seating on the floor, just people standing up next to the stage and further towards the back there were people sitting down on the floor/grass. I guess when it comes down to it, it depends on if Muse get the final say of how they want the Stadium set up (IE Mosh on the ground, and/or seating), OR if Rod Laver have a special way they always set up for concerts, and they are not willing to compromise on it.
  7. Umm for that exact reason duh. I haven't heard it...which is exactly the reason I want to hear it..Citizen is somewhat of a hit song, it will be played again. However, Exo-politics is not...therefore future album tours..you won't be hearing it live.
  8. Agreed!! We heard Assassian the first night at Festival Hall, and it was nothing short of amazing, i hope they play it again for us ^__________^
  9. This needs to be said... whilst muse were on their B&H tour of Melbourne which included 2 separate shows from BDO they played every song off the album..EXCEPT ONE. So I request: Please play Exo-Politics @ Rod Laver lol, I don't know if anyone agrees with me...but I really would like to hear it live once, seeing though it is the tour...and as it's not a hit..won't be played over and over live like SS or PIB. For anyone who can't remember what they played from the album both nights..it was as follow..we got each song off the album at least once (cept exo) 1st night b&h: 2nd night b&h Knights Take a bow assassin SMBH map of p Map of Prob Hoodoo City of Delusion Invincible Invincible SMBH Soldier's Poem Starlight starlight Take a Bow Knights of Cydonia
  10. Just try and stop us from being at the front. Bigger venue, one night only? therefore, bigger setlist? :D
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