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  1. Correct me if i'm wrong but you can totally tell peoples sex just from their choices. Girls dig the ones where it's romantic sounding and they can imagine matt's singing about them. Or maybe that's just me.....
  2. "Shame on you for thinking you're all alone If you want i'll make you wish you were" AND BEAT BOXING! hell yes! I love sinister Bellamy! "I would still lay down my life for you" "I doooon't loooooove yooooou and aaaye neeever diiiiid" The hyper chondriac music version. Beautiful! "Hopelessly I'll love you endlessy" "Come to be How did it come to be? Tied to a rail road No love to set us free" "Loooonliness be over" "I was all alone wearing just socks and a phone" really is classic. "Take off your disguise" "I'm young but i know that i'm aroused" "Someone tell me why she breaks my fall then breaks my heart" "You must pay for your crimes against the earth" "I'll be there as soon as i can but i'm busy mending broken pieces of the life i had before"
  3. You do realise this is Impossible? Um 10.The Groove 9.Hyper Chondriac Music (who agrees this is their only ever "down" song?) 8.Fury/Knights of Cydonia 7.Soldiers Poem 6.Glorious 5.Bliss 4.Hoodoo 3.Dark Shines 2.New Born 1.Space Dementia In no particular order. I think it changes every day. I love them all. It's interesting how much people dig the B-sides.
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