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  1. Erm, guys.... https://store.muse.mu/uk/simulation-theory-deluxe-film-box-set.html Hope there's a standard edition of it too
  2. So I've been completety screwed over by Big Green Coach. I had a coach booked with them for a friend and myself from Birmingham, but due to "lack of interest", it's been cancelled. Funds aren't looking brilliant, and it's so short notice that I have no clue what to do. Anyone got any suggestions? Cheers if anyone can help!
  3. I'm definitely not a fan of how this "medley" flows, but it's cool to hear some rarer tracks live in some form, at least. Still a bit shocked that some tracks have been relegated to it though... True, I guess its time is up Ah, true that. I just keep forgetting how well Dead Cuts works! I'm not too sure on the flow of tracks either, but I guess it's much better to be there. I'm sure being present for it is something else entirely
  4. Ok, Dead Star into Microcuts flowed quite nicely! WTF?! We're gonna lose New Born too?!! And what kinda flow was that?!!!
  5. Lol, SMBH is skipping all over the place. It's actually kinda hilarious XD
  6. Just got really laggy for me, even tohugh I'm very sure this is PIB EDIT: Yup, PIB
  7. OMG, if Unsustainable sounds this good on the rest of the tour, I more than welcome it back! :eek::eek:
  8. So, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, so sorry in advance. Anyway, a YouTube channel called HotChocolateParty, that does parodies of music has decided to do one on Muse. The results are pretty damn hilarious too. I mean, I can't even... I mean, all the tropes are there!
  9. So I lent my Dad the album the other day (he's also a Muse fan), and he called me to say he'd listened to it, and his response was... "Yes, that was a very funny joke, and can you give me the real Muse album next time you see me." Needless to say, he can't make up his mind about it yet As for me, I'm still loving ST! I've actually had to force myself to stop listening to it though, because I'm scared I'll overplay it and get bored. Also, got some final track rankings, maybe, I think... God-tier: Algorithm The Void/Blockades (can't make up my mind on which I prefer) Break It To Me The Dark Side Great: Propaganda (although if I'm in the right mood it can be god-tier, and will probably end up there anyway) Pressure Something Human OK: Thought Contagion Dig Down Get Up And Fight Tbh, the more I listen to it, the more all the tracks grow on me. I mean, I wouldn't listen to them outside the full album, but I don't find myself wanting to skip them either. I think the real major flaw with the lesser tracks is that they feel too tame/generic compared to the insanity of the others.
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