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  1. I haven't visited these forums since 2009! I attended this show on Friday--was delighted to hear plug in baby and Matt did one spin-jump-thingy xD Do ppl still discuss shows and setlists here? I can write what I remember though I didn't take notes! Order all scrambled... Mercy [was first... the rest of this list is just what I remember them playing, I'm sure the order is all wrong] ? Psycho Butterflies & Hurricanes w extra little guitar riff before piano Hysteria Plug in baby Stockholm Syndrome Dead inside Take a bow (before which Matt said "when we wrote this song we thought your president was crazy then. This song is even more relevant now" lol D: [a bass and drum riff!!] Starlight Supermassive black hole Madness Tiro KoC Only one encore: Wait maybe this was when tiro was ...it was a 3-song encore, I can't remember lol This is the only gig I've seen where they didn't do feeling good. I always look for the megaphone on top of the piano haha I have been away from muse fandom from some time but am happy to find them in fine form. They are virtuoso musicians. I still love them so much =D Matt wore red pants, sparkly silver shoes, and some kind of embroidered jacket over a black tshirt w/ some design I couldn't see from the back of the lawn. Dom was in a white suit jacket and white pants and a tank top I think. I don't remember what Chris was wearing lol
  2. this thread fills me with joy. you guys are freakin' awesome. i'd love to join a band as a singer, but all the singing posts seem to be filled up for the moment, so i'll hang out 'til i am called upon. =D as a sort of audition, i can take the completed stockholm instrumental up at muselive and have a go at it (if dwydav is ok with it!) and send it to those among you who are mixers? and we'll see if any of you want to work with me? haha =) my a cappella group does a cover of stockholm (slowed down; the term "monster ballad" has been used to describe our version) and i get to do the solo! it is great fun! i wish we had a recording of it so i could let you all tear us apart, hahaha looking forward to hearing starlight! how are cave and the groove coming along? /cheer
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