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    Im a bit eccentric...
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    Incessant daydreaming, hope one day to do somehing big that i'll be really pleased about!
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    job-hunting at the mo....
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    Well... the clues are there that I might be a bit of a Muse fan... hehe
    Also like Dresden Dolls, Catatonia, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Biffy Clyro, GreenDay, Sparklehorse, British Sea Power, The Killers, Stornoway...
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    The Matrix (mainly the first one!!), Lucky Number Slevin, Pi, The Butterfly Effect, Withnail & I...
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    Flight of the Conchords, Lost, Coupling, Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, X Files, The it Crowd, Peep Show..... though I usually wait for DVD boxsets
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    Favourite book for years was Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, but has just been overtaken by Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance... like sci-fi comedy - Tom Holt etc, and some philosophical stuff too...
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    As many as I can get my mitts on!! :)
    First Muse album was Origin of Symmetry, and have had all since (and of course got Showbiz asap!) Have variius sngles/b-sides and decided to get the special limited edition boxset of The Resistance :)
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    Eden Project, Cornwall (2006)
    Wembley, London (2007)
    The Den, Teignmouth (2009)
    NIA, Birmingham (2009)
  1. After almost forgetting (how could I?!) that today was the presale, I thought I would see if anything was left at 6.30pm...2 standing tickets easy peasy! No hassle, no queues, awesomely efficient fan-only pre-sale! Love it!! Thank you Muse, Muse team and all involved with the pre-sale
  2. Also, I think I mentioned on another thread - that I'm sure that more seated tickets are released once the set designs are finalised - I know people who were sat behind the stage at the last O2 gig and had a great view of the stage - so keep an eye out for announcements
  3. For those without tickets yet - I'm sure spares will come up, quite a few have mentioned having spares and there are several swaps on the MuseBay thread when I last looked. I think several people got what they could in the pre-sale (if they could, I didn't manage it!) and then tried again in GS to get standing / better seats so there should be a few spares once people decide what they are doing. Really hoping everyone who wants to go gets a ticket for a fair price and see you there!
  4. Theres only one part of standing - on the ground in front of the stage usually. If you find a website for your venue they should give a seating plan so it should be clear where the standing area is, or if there are more than one. (Not heard of that though, other than at Wembley when some lucky people had tickets for an inner circle). Usually if you want to be in the first row, you will have to be there very early! Also you are likely to be a bit squished (true for all UK gigs I've attended anyway ) Good luck, and don't panic!
  5. I agree - while it was frustrating for some of us, I appreciate that it must be difficult to know how a system will work until you try it...
  6. LOL tout fail! and bargain for whoever got them, thats like £20 off price if they bought today. Just proves this planet is bonkers!
  7. LOL tout fail! and bargain for whoever got them, thats like £20 off price if they bought today. Just proves this planet is bonkers!
  8. Also I remember more seats being released later - once the set design etc is confirmed as I know of people who sat behind the stage at the last O2 gig - maybe standing is always a finite number, but as there could yet be more seats then they are just unavailable perhaps? Also just saw a few seats some up on gigs and tours if anyone is still looking.
  9. unless they head to wembley or something.... would be a bit gutted though as finally managed to get tickets!!! What an ordeal! Tried O2 priority and thought that would be the quietest route, only for it to take forever to redirect to ticketmaster - and all the security codes before it allocates you some totally random seats! Grrr! Gave up with that - seetickets was already on server burnout and ended up having luck with gigs and tours - which although busy did eventually have the tickets I wanted available (keep refreshing guys - they seem to still be adding small amounts!) Good luck!
  10. Gigs and Tours - good luck - hope you receive it soon! (If it was a link to croudshmerge then I'd probably ignore it and just try on another site after all this!) And no, I wasn't happy - didn't get tickets but the organisation and fact that touts had tickets on ebay etc was very disappointing. I'm sure there could be a system - with names / id etc which means that only fans with the intention of going can get tickets. By all means have a process for giving your ticket to a mate if you break your leg or something - but let it be a hassle, and online form, can only change one name if buying bulk tickets etc. to discourage touts and those who just see it as a way of quickly doubling their money. Good luck to all those still without tickets in the pre-sale/general sale tomorrow and congrats to all you lucky fans who beat the touts to have your tickets safely allocated
  11. Ahh nice one MountainGoat sure you will have an awesome time (and the more the merrier for standing!!). Yeah, there's always Thursday... I was after 2 tickets but the friend i'm hopefully going with did say they might prefer seated, so they could be in luck!
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