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  1. Just watched the iTunes release in 4K and 5.1. Awesome picture on my OLED and amazing sound through my Sonos system. really enjoyed the narrative aspect Only negative is that the audio sync is inconsistent through out the movie. Sometimes it’s perfectly in sync and others Doms drumming in particular is out of sync. It’s inconsistent too, sometimes ahead of the beat and others late. it’s a shame that editors never seem to be able to get this right. And it’s not my system, my system is perfectly aligned. great watch though
  2. Yeah you guys are right it’s black holes that they were hanged. I have moved mk ultra to dual bridge p90 but I still think resistance is humbucker
  3. Isn’t the resistance mainly MBk2 I remember reading an article where humans and said that Matt specifically requested that pick up during the recording of that album
  4. So it could be fun and helpful to others to list songs and what type of guitar pickup and position is used for each so people can better recreate the tones. Once we have a general consensus we can collage into a single post. I’ll get started with an initial list. Single coil - animals (neck position) - the globalist (neck clean, bridge distorted) Humbucker - hysteria (bridge) - Time is running out (bridge) - Stockholm syndrome (bridge) - falling away with you - TSP (bridge) - fury (bridge) - thoughts of a dying atheist (bridge) - sing for absolution (bridge) - butterflies and hurricanes (bridge) - new born (bridge) - bliss (bridge) - hyper music (bridge) - plug in baby (bridge) - citizen erased (bridge) - take a bow (bridge) - starlight (bridge) - supermassive nlack hole (bridge) - map of the problematique (bridge) - Assassin (bridge) - resistance (bridge) - guiding light (bridge) - supremacy - madness - survival - liquid state - unsustainable - dead inside - psycho - mercy - reapers - the handler - revolt P90 - black out (neck) - invincible (dual bridge) - exo politics (bridge) - hoodoo (neck) - knights of cydonia (bridge) - uprising (neck) - unnatural selection (bridge) - defector (bridge) - micro cuts (neck) - mk ultra (dual bridge)
  5. So I’ve got a p90 guitar I want to put some Matt style pick ups in. I think I’m going to rule out the Manson p90 kit because it looks like it is specifically designed to be used in the dual bridge configuration as a large humbuker so I’m looking at the 2 bare knuckle options. These are obviously named after muse tracks, the supermassive is around 10k in output and the Stockholm is 15k in the bridge position. Anyone have these pickups? If so which do you think is the better more diverse option?
  6. I love the DS1 I used it as my main distortion for years. Its not good for duplicating much other than Nirvana Nevermind tones but I liked it for the guitar tone it gave me in my originals band.
  7. so to those who upgraded the bridge pickups to an MBK2 how much difference in the tone and output did you notice?
  8. Sooooooo ive been extensively searching the web and can't find any info. What's the go with Matt's dual bridge p90 equipped guitars? are the two p90's set up to be hum cancelling when both engaged? Does matt mainly use these with both pick ups engaged or just 1? These guitars seems to be mainly used for tracks like Uprising which have the single coil sound to them?
  9. bj.mort


    Seriously am I the only person hearing freedom by George Michael?
  10. Hi all, I'm hearing like some distortion/crackle in the left channel of defector in the verses on some of the floor tom hits. Now I thought this was just my headphones being blown however I can hear it in my car as well. Anyone else hearing this or are just all my speakers blown!
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