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  1. Someone has found the London one?? Was going to try and find it on my way to work tomorrow so it'll save me a journey if it's gone already.
  2. Least favourite so far have to admit. Love the intro but it's a bit repetitive. That said loud in my car with the rest of the album, I'll likely change my mind.
  3. Me. I've got some short clips of things I've filmed but haven't watched yet. Will post of they're any good. Only finished looking through photos yesterday (I'm such a camera nerd). I've mostly been laughing at pictures with me lurking in the background. Still disappointed we didn't get Assassin. Thought Marmozets weren't bad,the sound is never right for the openers though, definitely seen/heard worse Muse support acts. Looking forward to album tour. 89 days to Glastonbury but even that's no comfort.
  4. In 2010 I was working on a music tv show and we were filming backstage at Reading Festival, I went along for a change (usually stuck in the office). So much fun, spotted Dom hanging out enjoying the festival and was happy with that, but my colleagues called him over to talk to me and he obliged, I looked awful having filmed all day but he was super nice and chatty My smile is like in the photos Now I make serious programmes - like documentaries or things with the Hairy Bikers in it...not quite the same.
  5. It was just a bit weird and I've never been a fan of standing waiting for someone, I just don't usually do it (I work in tv so it's not really the done thing). Some hardcore fans there - particularly the French who'd been to every gig and were pretty tenacious
  6. Drive back was in a bit of a caffeine fuelled daze! Just before midnight Chris appeared (with 2 of his kids too), he's such a nice dude! Matt came out shortly after and people went crazy. Dom was last and put in some quality time, although I think his security chap was miffed at me for photobombing (I got bored/mischievous) so shuffled him in the opposite direction. I had quality chats with Glen Rowe so that was nice. It was an experience (one I don't wish to repeat if I'm honest, would much rather meet them in different circs like when I met Dom previously). Hoping for more small gigs. Would love to see photobombed pics mind you!
  7. Just got home - lovely to meet Ilovemymonkey - and discovered he'd beaten me to the tickets earlier! Met some lovely Musers too, including the guy next to me in the circle who was visiting from Canada. Need to listen to Dead Inside properly, think it's a grower - glad we got some oldies and there was a lot of Absolution love tonight. Loitered around for the guys to come out too - but totally managed to not get a single photo with any of them. :roll eyes: I'm just not that pushy sadly. Did get a high five from Glen for the twitter love. Chris was flipping adorable and Dom put in some quality time with the crowd (he smells nice). Got totally squished and pushed to the back of the crowd when Matt appeared. Oh well. Glad I went - realised I'm not a pushy fangirl anymore. I'm getting old. Right - what's next?!
  8. Indeed!! I'm now on the edge of my seat waiting. Can't believe I got here!
  9. I'm on my way - driving (shortly) so will say hi if I see you in the dome! I look like a 1950s Davina McCall ha!!
  10. YES!!!!! I got Seated but I don't care!! AHHHHGHHHHH SO GLAD !!!!!
  11. Ticketmaster now!!!! I just got a seating ticket omg i am freaking out!!!
  12. I'm trying ticketmaster - if I get two I'll let you know!
  13. I called and they say they have no clue - pointed me back to Ticketmaster. Also looking at Twitter some people are there and saying the Dome have no idea what's going on. Hopefully Glen will clarify but if you can make it there I think why the hell not try.
  14. Glen has just posted on twitter that they've just released 20 tickets at the venue. If you can get there quick enough to buy em. Sadly I'm in London
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