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  1. Got 2 tickets for Basel at 5.30am! So did my friend for the same date. I only found out 10 minutes ago! What a relief!!
  2. I'm still waiting for Switzerland too. Nothing yet
  3. That's ridiculous. The general sale hasn't even happened yet!
  4. I don't know about Basel, but when I went to see them in Zurich on the Resistance tour, I showed up at around 3pm and was first on the line, but in Amnéville there were already over 1000 people at 3pm... You can't really know what time's the best to show up, it really depends on the venue, the country, and all.
  5. The new shop seems to be causing me problems. I tried placing an order earlier, then realised before confirming that I had mispelled my email address. So I emptied my basket in the hope of being able to start over. Now I've tried to re-place my order, but every time I try to click on 'checkout', it tells me I have 'Nothing in basket'. What's going on? It's really annoying. It does it whether I'm logged in or out.. Help please? I'm off on holiday for a week tomorrow, and I was hoping to place my order before leaving.
  6. There's an easy way to see what's going on with your order, without the emails, as you don't always get them. You just log in onto the website, go to the shop, and click on 'my orders' and it gives you your order's status. It can say 'dispatched' without you having received an email... Happened to me a few times.
  7. I remember the Serj Tankian question was used in a quizz a while ago, though I can't remember if it was a museboard quizz, or a proper Muse one.
  8. I found the answer (£30,000) in a small biography on Muse that was released years ago in France. No idea if they got it right... If Kelly says 20,000, that must be the amount... Dunno.
  9. 1) BBC Studios, 23rd november 1999. 6) Mercury Lounge, New York. 7) Glorious.
  10. 5)Actually it's £30,000. 8) Definitely Serj Tankien. 9) I think one of the two bands were the Red Hot Chili Peppers...
  11. Hey guys! I've just phoned the venue to know a bit more about what's going on. The gig starts at 8pm, and doors open at 7pm. You can get your tickets during the afternoon/evening - the guy on the phone didn't know, so I guess we'd better go with what the muse.mu email said - at the venue directly, which is at: 16 rue Clichy 75009 Paris They have a place where you can leave your bags and stuff for 2€ per item, in case you can't make it to your hostel before the gig. If anyone needs more info, their phone number is: 0892698926 See you all there!
  12. lol funny thread. I've travelled to the UK and to various bits of France to see them. I'd do more if I wasn't a poor student lol..
  13. That bit from Citizen Erased: For one moment I wish you'd hold your stage With no feelings at all Open minded, I'm sure I used to be so free and the guitar and bass bit that follows, it's genius
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