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  1. Heyyy thanks for the birthday wish! :happy:

  2. but.. but.. my fb profile link is on my muser profile! lol anyway, here it is.


    add me up yea? :D and say who you are! lol. btw, how do you find The Resistance anyway?

  3. Helloo! I'm liking it, but thats all. Not loving it :( haha. Some songs I really LOOVE, and some songs I just skip. What about you? You havent added me on fb yet :p

  4. hey there :) thanks for the add

  5. Ooh! Gap year eh? What do you intend to do during that? and add me up on fb! But let me know that its you, because I normally ignore people i dont know :p

  6. Hey its been a long time! haha Like I said last time, I dont check my myspace anymore so if you left a message or something.. sorry i didnt reply! :p Omg lucky you! I want to see them so badly :( sigh. But yeah, my exams are over too! :D what have you been doing for summer so far?

  7. Hey, why yes it is! :D wow how did you ever figure that out? :chuckle:

  8. hey, thanks for the invite :)

  9. what happened to you! :(

  10. hey there :) how've ya been?

  11. Lol sorry for the late reply. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! :happy: btw I just realised, I dont even know your name!

  12. Aww Grace Blessed Christmas to you too! :xmas:

  13. Yeah I did, though it could've been more "epic", I couldnt do much since I have my mock exams :( but now that thats over, I can properly turn 18! haha :D

  14. Gosh I seriously dont know what else to write on my Personal Statement. I'm having a major writer's block now and I have to hand it in by this Monday! akldfjsa;a. I was thinking of doing Chemical Engineering. Its boring I know, but its pretty much the only thing I seem to be interested in at the moment. you? x

  15. Awww thank youuu :happy::kiss:

  16. Oh so you're taking a year off then eh? Where's your first stop? Things are okay. I'm having my mock exams now so I've been super busy, and I still haven't applied to any unis yet, cant seem to be able to write my personal statement for UCAS. I have no idea what to write :(

  17. same old same old :) I havent been on chat in awhile though! Got no time :(

  18. heeey emz how've you been? :happy:

  19. Lucky you! :( My exams start in January, which means that I cant fully celebrate Christmas and New Year and stuff without the thought of exams in the back of my head, le sigh :(

  20. haha yeah and its a good price to pay for perfect teeth too! No pain no gain, as they always say.

    So how are you? are your exams coming up too?

  21. Hey! I'm doing good :D Braces dont hurt so much anymore, lol. But I still cant eat hard foods like apples and cookies :( I miss my apples and cookies. :'(

  22. Whoa... those ceramic ones sure are expensive :stunned: But i'm sure they're still coming pretty cheap for you since you're having it for FREE! so lucky. but are they just as painful and stuff? oh man, reading tee's description of braces is scaring the shit out of me :'(

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