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  1. Hey, that was very nice of you to wish me for my birthday! Thank you! :D

  2. Hey Ez, Happy Belated Birthday! :D

  3. Aww, that sucks. I'm good, will be sitting for my O Level Exams this year :D New Year was...boring. I was down with a bad fever, so I couldn't even come online :( But school has been fineee (:

  4. HAI PAU. We haven't chatted for a very long time. And that makes me sad. :(

    How're you? :D

  5. I've been using glasses since I was 7 too! Lolz.

  6. Hey! Sorry I left abruptly yesterday. I kicked the computer plug, and when I switched it back on, the connection was gone. -.-



  7. Bbbut..nvm.


    I IZ GOOD ;D

  8. :kiss:

    Was the same as every year lol (:


    LOVES j00



  10. Hola Mani!

    Como estas? Long time no chat!


  11. Nothing much, just lots and lots and lots of homework ):

  12. Miss you too! I'm good, danke danke (:

  13. Happy Belated Birthday!!


  14. TYA!!

    Long time no talk (:

    Hope you're alright!


  15. 'Ello!

    Nice chatting with you too! Thanks for the wishes (: Seriously can't wait to go back!


    Take care xo

  16. Hey Freddie!

    Thanks for the add (:

  17. Thank you (:

    Very nice remix!

  18. Hola, I LOVE Glorious!

    I would listen to your remix now, but its not loading..must be the connection. Not to worry, I will try again tomorrow (:

    Here's my cover of the song on piano - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhZd6iLdAdQ#

    Enjoy! (:

  19. Hey thanks for the wishes!

    Happy belated New Year!!


  20. Hey Nick, how was class? (:

  21. Hey Viki! Remember me? (:

  22. I love you, Kwiiish! Don't forget that! (:

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