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  1. Wow I still remember my password... HEY EVERYBODY! Just wanted to say - Fulllaaaaamaaaaak, Chris!
  2. @AviA2's FTP vid - Y NO SHOULDER DANCE? And nuuuuuu I won't be going for any gigs...because....life's like this.
  3. WOW I SEE ACTIVITY HERE. Happy New Year everyone! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NUTTT! It seems that I come here only when there's a birthday... Don't Stop is such an FUN song!
  4. :LOL: That was a great way to start my mundane school morning! O HAI EVERYONE. K. I'm not gonna come here for another 5 billion years or so again. Bye.
  5. Hey, that was very nice of you to wish me for my birthday! Thank you! :D

  6. happy b-day! Best wishes! :)

  7. Money money money Poly, placement results will be out on Wednesday, wish me luck!
  8. Nut, I did very nicely!!! I BE SO PWOUD OF ME. Can't decide what to study now, though. -.- Haiyah. Edit: I've made my decision on what to study! Application submitted, fingers crossed!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NUT! :party: Hope you have a gwweeeeeaaaaat one!!!
  10. I don't know how to either Just Wiki-ed it.. Ok I'm going to watch it! ZOMG my exam results will be out on Monday!!! I BE NERVOUZ
  11. OMG I KNOW RIGHT. Aaaawwwesome shizz man! I feel like I feel like I feel like I'm a cameraman filming Muse! I'm Tom Kirk! Maaaan they really know how to make us fans happy
  12. Ohyes, CONGRATULATIONS NUT! I pray for your panjang jodoh and everlasting happiness!
  13. *makes some noise* HELLO! ^^ Matt's a farmer! I'm sure they haven't forgotten us... Oh, I heard USoE being played as the background music in National Geographic's Great Migrations commercial
  14. Hi everyone! Selamat Hari Raya everyone, mohon maaf zahir & batin! (RM 100+ $100+, with just visiting 4 houses and a few visits to my house ) Congratulations Auntie Miele! It'd be so awesome if you did have Unintended in the background! MAAN, I cannot get enough of Bliss, srsly. The MK Ultra video is really sad, I was reminded of when my teacher once showed my class this video about globalization, about the clothing industry and how the workers in the clothing factories in India, after breathing in all that thread and dust and never ending hours are only paid, like, a few cents. Very sad
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