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    Kamelot, Metallica, Queen, Ayreon, Epica, Delain, Within Temptation, Nirvana, Nightwish, Rammstein, Evergrey, Anathema, Radiohead, Lacuna Coil Sonata Arctica etc.
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    Lord of the Rings (J.R.R. Tolkien), The Dark Tower (Stephen King), A Song of Ice and Fire (George R.R. Martin), The Riftwar Trilogy (Raymond E. Feist), The Wheel of Time series (Robert Jordan)
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    Showbiz, OoS, Hullabaloo, Absolution, BH&R, HAARP, The Resistance and a lot of singles.
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    Muse @ Brabanthallen, Den Bosch, 28-11-2006;
    Muse @ Ahoy, Rotterdam, 14-11-2009
    Muse @ Goffertpark, Nijmegen, 19-06-2010
    Muse @ Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, 17-12-2012
  1. Pff. I want to go, but I already spent a lot of money on the Rammstein gig in Rotterdam. Muse will be two days after that, so it would be a busy week... Also it's a shame there are no seats, if all goes well my wife will be heavily pregnant around that time so... Maybe I'll skip this one.
  2. This totally made my day!!! OMG. I play blizzard games a lot and already had a virtual ticket before even knowing this! I'm so psyched!!!!
  3. The article says "Muse.mu Members presale begins 18 September at 9am local". Later they mentioned "General on sale starts 22 September at 10am local". I think some people warbled those two together. But don't panic. In 7 minutes from now a Ziggo presale will start so try it again at 10. Good luck!
  4. 1. Origin of Symmetry 2. Absolution 3. Black Holes and Revelations 4. Resistance 5. The 2nd Law 6. Showbiz Although 5 and 6 are interchangeable. Both have very weak songs and songs I really like.
  5. Luckily I got three standing tickets yesterday from muse.mu... I heard it sold out in less than ten minutes on Livenation!
  6. Zou er weer net zo'n coole campagne komen als drie jaar geleden met United States of Eurasia? Dat was echt leuk om aan mee te doen. En ben zo benieuwd naar de album cover!
  7. Hmm. That never happened before! "We were unable to authorize your card using the payment details provided, please try a different card"
  8. gjs

    Welkom nog in de NL groep :-)



  9. Thx for the add. Yeah, life's good. I've been on vacation to Crete!!! B-)

  10. Hello there hope life is good.

  11. 1. OoS. Undeniably their best album. Everything fits; It's almost perfect. Plus it's got Citizen Erased. 2. Absolution. Very good album; almost on par with OoS. Butterflies & Hurricanes, Stockholm Syndrome and Hysteria are my personal favourites from this one. 3. Resistance. This album has a lot of good songs like Resistance, MK Ultra, Unnatural selection and all three the Exogenesises. 4. Showbiz. Has some great songs on it (Cave, Uno, Showbiz, Sunburn) but also a few songs I really don't like (Filip, Sober). 5. BH&R. Same as with Showbiz. I still love the album, but on this one are the most weak songs: SMBH, Soldier's Poem, Invincible and Hoodoo.
  12. After my first whole hearing of the song: I still don't like it... It's not as bad as I thought it would be. But I think it would take me a long time before I can accept UD.
  13. [troll-mode] YEAH, BUT I STILL WANTZ CITIZSZEN ERASED 2!!! [/troll-mode] I agree. Though we have heard only a portion of the album, you could clearly distinguish a lot of Muse elements... The riffs, Matt's falsetto voice, solo's, they are still there!!! And I'm glad that the piano is back too!! I love the interweaving of piano into their music and BH & R was lacking just that... I think the album could really get into my top 3 (behind OoS and Absolution... )
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