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  1. Hey!


    Sorry to bother you, but I just saw your post on MuseBay about your Friday O2 tickets.


    Are you totally unable to go? If that is the case, and you are sadly unable to swap them for Thursday tickets, could you give me a shout, assuming you don't already have a reserves list? I have standing tickets for the Thursday night (sorry Poppet :( ) but have just discovered that my friends is a secret mental Muse fan, and I'm sure she'd love the tickets, as she has never seen them live.


    If not, thanks for reading anyway :)


    Enjoy the gig - I do hope you get to go at least one night!





  2. Both hate. Frequently complaining that it's been years that they have had to cope with 'that woman crying' when I play Muse... no matter how many times I have explained! She did ask whether Matt Bellamy was on TV yesterday though. It was Alan Carr I think she was snoozing on the sofa, but trying to seem interested! xxxx
  3. The photos of the bloke in the sponsored tight stuff up there does look a little like him when he's writing something, but in the pic above looks more like the boy that threw up on my night bus last night... foul children of today. xxxx
  4. Graduated in 2005, worked for a year, back at Uni now, post-gradding it. I still hate Thermo and Quantum Mech What are you doing, and where are you doing it? xxxx
  5. If it's done correctly, hell yeah - but this was funking around - Im not so up for the aroundness of the situation. *sings Tenacious D* xxxx
  6. I like red - but then I like it so much I have it. I voted red, but might actually go for black instead, because then I wont ever look like Matty B. Im just as tiny you know. Not blue, reminds me of gorgeous Alex that funked me around. Meanie. xxxx
  7. I once got drunk and snogged 'Ugly Rocker' - I dont know his name, but Im 4ft 10in, was hammered, and liked his trousers, so just reached up and went for it. No idea what he looked like at the time, but he was pointed out to me at the Union a week later. And that was the moment he acquired his name, amongst a bout of giggles... oh, the things we do for eyeliner when we are drunk... xxxx
  8. I have cookies and lemon and ginger tea (tonsils are up ) - you want? Have to say, Matt and Daddy B, scarily similar looking, I havent seen a father-son pairing look that alike in ages. xxxx
  9. *sings* #He doesnt look a thing like Jeee-zus# I still say Christian Bale. Cant see it with anyone else that's mentioned, and Im still a bit miffed about The Tennant / The Bellamy being one and the same. Skinny and excess nose-cartilage, but they dont actually look anything like each other. I think anyway... I need to revise for tomorrow, someone send me back to my thermodynamics xxxx
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