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    I have the same birthday as Matt! =p lol. Umm. I'm pretty boring.
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    All the albums, Hullabaloo DVD, Glastonbury DVD, HAARP Special Edition, that large poster of the three of them, tickets, wembley shirt, other shirt, TCT shirt, unofficial biog
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    June 17th '07 - Wembley Stadium
    April 12th '08 - Royal Albert Hall
  1. Buying from Ticketmaster, it's print-out only (unless you buy a collector ticket, I guess?) so you should be fine I think?
  2. Yup, we got fantastic seats using GA tickets in 2010, so fingers crossed. It would seem silly if that wasn't the case really, given the ticket options!!
  3. The seating plan seemed to suggest that pitch standing included the unreserved seat tier, but the options for actually purchasing tickets didn't fit that... we bought pitch tickets in the hope that they'll include the unreserved lower tier because that's the only way we could see to buy them. But yeah. It's really not clear.
  4. That was one of the easiest ticket transactions I've ever done lol, where is everyone!
  5. Honestly I went in expecting about £70 - 80 and I'm pretty sure I missed out on a couple of tiers of tickets because I spent like 20 seconds just staring in disbelief at the prices that came up lmaooo. Still trying to see if choir tickets come up tho, they're in my budget range..
  6. Every single time a ticket reappears, as soon as I go to get it it says it's not available anymore : '( How're you guys doing it, lmao
  7. Same, jeeeez. I'll happily leave Shepherd's Bush as my most recent Muse gig if they're gonna be that much :x all the ones I would have paid for sold out before I could even get to the booking page. Ah well.
  8. Watching some videos now and holy shit. I mean I knew it there but watching recordings you really realise how fucking incredible the crowd was. Everyone joining in on 'rooose..' for glorious, a b-side (that shouldn't be a b-side but still), drowning matt out we're so loud is just.. well... glorious. christ. im so happy about this gig.
  9. That may have just surpassed the RAH as my favourite Muse gig ever, omfg. I was stood in the level 2 balcony and just had an insane view, which was one thing, but then they started with Assassin?! And GLORIOUS? Like, nothing in this setlist was disappointing, and the crowd was AMAZING too. For me the ooonly way it could have been better is if they snuck a sneaky Bliss in there but tbh I've seen that one live enough times for it not to matter. We got Glorious, man, I'm good.
  10. C&P-ed straight from the site: Available Songs: Uprising ADD Psycho ADD Supermassive Black Hole ADD Starlight ADD Feeling Good ADD Madness ADD Knights Of Cydonia ADD Hysteria ADD Time Is Running Out ADD Dead Inside ADD Mercy ADD Plug In Baby ADD Dig Down ADD Some New Kind of Kick ADD Undisclosed Desires ADD Reapers ADD Panic Station ADD Supremacy ADD The Handler ADD Resistance ADD Stockholm Syndrome ADD New Born ADD Map Of The Problematique ADD Defector ADD Survival ADD Revolt ADD Follow Me ADD Bliss ADD Butterflies and Hurricanes ADD Muscle Museum ADD Aftermath ADD Animals ADD Assassin ADD Invincible ADD Sing For Absolution ADD The 2nd Law: Isolated System ADD Citizen Erased ADD Unintended ADD The Globalist ADD Sunburn ADD Unnatural Selection ADD Take a Bow ADD Guiding Light ADD The 2nd Law: Unsustainable ADD United States Of Eurasia ADD Exo-Politics ADD Hyper Music ADD Sign O' The Times ADD Fury ADD The Groove ADD Easily ADD Eternally Missed ADD Micro Cuts ADD Neutron Star Collision ADD Map Of Your Head ADD Nature_1 ADD Yes Please ADD Agitated ADD Showbiz ADD Futurism ADD Dead Star ADD Do We Need This Not bad.. sad about the lack of Glorious but Hyper Music is on there and that was my #1 pick! S4A and Muscle Museum, too. Oh, and Eternally Missed?! I'd kill to see that live, man.. Fingers crossed!
  11. I got level two and don't have a row or seat number so can only assume for the moment that it's gonna be standing or unreserved seating, as far as I can tell there isn't any more specific information right now :S
  12. Huh, I only got the 'click this button to prove you aren't a robot' captcha. Normally I get the pictures one from ticketmaster which, yeah, is undeniably one of the most frustrating ways of verification in existence! Guess I just got lucky this time :S
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