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  1. Thank you! :)


    How are you been doing since the meetup?

  2. Thank you! :kiss:

    How are you ?

  3. Majority of time my Vegas visit is to spend time with my in-laws who live in Henderson.

    What are you studying? Why don't you like about being in Washington besides the weather?

    Let me do some digging and see if I can connect you to some Musers there.

    Btw, my name is Cris. What's yours?

  4. Did you go to the Vegas gig in April? I could have easily flipped out if I met you there.:chuckle:

  5. that's a very productive stress-release.

    I see you moved to Washington. Going to school there? Have you met Musers in Seattle? They seem to have meet-ups regularly.

  6. you've been working on the comic very fast lately. :eek::eek:

    Love it!! :kiss:

  7. Hey Marko! Thanks for taking pics of us on Tuesday! :) It was great meeting you and we shall meet again. Btw, a jam sometime? We can play Outsiders! :D Have fun at the Staple Center!

  8. Cris. What's yours?

  9. Hi mrs.howard, how are ya?

  10. Good job at the marathon!!!!


    btw, see you in Vegas!!:musesign:

  11. I might have found a GA tix and I am waiting for confirmation. :D

    I might buy one seat tix from you if Jarrod wants to go with me. He doesn't have to be on the floor unlike me. He actually likes to walk around and listen for sound from various places. I'll let you know.

  12. Reese,

    Have you already found tix for the Vegas show? It turned out the person who were going to sell me her tix changed her mind and she is now going to the show, which means I'm out of luck. If you know anyone with an extra tix, please let me know.

  13. Thanks for the compliment! This sig is getting a lot of attention. Mr. W ftw!! :D

    btw, it was made by teh talented Dux.

  14. btw, I love your avatar. The original art looks like a painting. Where is it from?

  15. Thanks for the reply! The LinkedIn request was sent to you prematurely before adding a message. :$

  16. Thanks for that. It was made by teh Ducky. I'm no good for gif making. :)


  17. Hi there,

    Ducky made this gif for me. Cute, innit?

  18. Hi Reese!! How's you?

    Anything fun going on this weekend?

  19. I thought today's interview went well, but unfortunately I didn't get selected for the next level of interview. :( Oh well...but I got a distinct feeling the environment wasn't a good fit. On to the next one...


    Have a good weekend! :kiss:

  20. btw, you and your husband look so cute together.

  21. Hi Reese,

    How's your week so far?

    I found out the wedding is going to be at the end of July and it'll be held in Long Branch, NJ. Are you familiar with it? I found it on Google map, but I know nothing about this town. The cousin works in NYC, so it must not be too far. It's still a long way and a lot to plan for. I will keep you posted on the details.

    Have a good day.

  22. I'm so sorry to hear about your parents especially in this time of the year. Keep me posted on their conditions. :kiss:

  23. Heeey! I hope you had a nice Christmas! :kiss:

  24. HI Lisa,

    Hope you having a great Christmas with your family! :kiss: I'm still exhausted from working at the store, but there is one more week of crazy fun is left. :(


    I'm seeing Carmen on the 3rd along with B and Lisa, who are LA Musers you didn't get to meet at ACX. Would you like to join us?

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