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  1. ...turns out the song's Shrinking Universe, the part where he went aaaaaaaAAAaaaaAAAH somewhere right before the last refrain. But the moral of the story is, stick with it, and you'll have a success story of your very own. And always, always, get the last say with them.
  2. you're most welcome. and yes, i plan to put the next ones up sometime round next year's thanksgiving so no, you don't have to wait long at all! ^_^
  3. i have a few more but i only intend to put up one more as that one plus the five i have already put up are the only ones which passed my QC. EDIT: sorry, one and a half. will probably put up the half footage of TAB I took cos I wanted a shot of them going offstage (and it came out looking decent enough).
  4. bcos i'm lazy and a serial procrastinator. put these two together and you'll get a virtual molotov cocktail of slothfulness, pardon the initial contradiction. and no, i don't. i didn't record everything because a) i didn't want to have to hold up a camera all night and b) there wasn't enough memory to go around anyway.
  5. Oh, you mean the "You ing Motherer" song? Here, take your pick.
  6. There's nothing wrong with the mic, it was just that we weren't aware where it was. The auto-focus bit leaves quite a bit to be desired, however.
  7. sure brings back memories of those boat rides in the few Disneylands I've been to. the video kind of reminds me of the pictures i took as well...dark or overexposed due to erratic lighting (sometimes overly dim and sometimes overly bright) so very few of my pictures from rides like these ever turn out well =(( Â that one of theirs looks custom-made, though. would probably induce the necessity of a parental guidance warning outside if it were real.
  8. haha nope, didn't finish recording that, sorry. or at least, my friend didn't. as for me, well, my mind wasn't...all there, if you get my drift. what else vids i have? the rest i selected to shoot are butterflies, assassin, citizen, stockholme, soldier's, invicible and the latter half of take a bow inc. their going offstage. and a couple of them short riffs in between. ...not sure if i left any out but it's more or less those.
  9. craze, you ought to download the XviD codec if you want to see that video, or any other videos I might put up in the future. and yeah deb, I have a few more up here somewhere. I didn't record the whole concert though as they wouldn't all fit into the memory card of the camera I was using and I also wanted to enjoy the concert without having to constantly hold it up either. glad you liked it, though. see, it couldn't be all bad that i was up there, could it? xP
  10. Fishing is a bad habit, because you never know what you'll catch.
  11. is it really hard to get original copies of cds from international artistes over there? if so, i find that really strange...
  12. yeah, I've heard some pretty good, if not discreet, reviews on it. despite that, i must confess that i bought it mainly cos i thought the nolan-bale-jackman formula is a winning one . i'll probably end up liking those facets you've mentioned, though. will watch it as soon as i have the time to. really looking forward to it now. =)
  13. that's smokin' aces. according to the dvd guy i got it from tonight, it's banned from malaysian screens. also got blood diamond and the prestige. can't wait to dig into the newest of my rather...legally questionable...collection, hee!
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