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  1. YTYATMW your husband shares his birthday with Matt Bellamy (albeit 8 years apart!) and you constantly remind him of that fact LOL: YTYATMW you ask said husband to buy you the Modern Muse fragrance by Estée Lauder for Xmas because it smells wonderful....honest!
  2. Soaked.... but only because I heard it for the first time yesterday:rolleyes: yeah, I know where I have been for the last month? I had heard about the song, but didn't know where I could download it until now. I am useless with the internet at times :rolleyes: Anyways, it isn't a bad song, is a grower, but I can't get the ruddy intro out of my head with the piano
  3. Hmmmm, I find the majority of Muse songs are quite thought provoking and intense both lyrically and musically and tend to make me feel emotional, but not necessarily a sad emotional state, if that makes sense Muse songs that DO make me feel sad though.... Blackout ExoGenesis Pt III (Redemption) Collateral Damage (the original version by Chopin was one of my fave pieces of music anyway) Shine - original or acoustic, doesn't really matter, both make me :'(
  4. Hmmmm, I've often thought this as well. In the SMBH video Matt reminds me of Alex Kapranos - both have a penchant for brightly coloured suits, check shirts and eyeliner They even have the same hair colour and style now as well! http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c345/Ladygooner/Alex.jpg
  5. Whoah, that's going a bit too much down the Jamiroquai route there Jay Kay plays didgeridoo on the the first four Jamiroquai albums - is all a bit strange Quite like the idea of Matt playing the flute but then I'm biased because I used to play it myself
  6. I don't know if its just me, but this very cute pic of Matt on last week's NME... reminds me so much of my fave Shrek character I think it must be the eyes
  7. Ooh my first friend request!! Have been a member on Muse.mu for 3 yrs now but tend to read and lurk rather than posting frequently. Been posting more in the last couple of weeks but then again I guess everyone has LOL. Nice to meet you anyway. ;)

  8. Yes, I know this song is an OTT 80's cheese ballad and I shouldn't love it, but I do To me, its the contrast between the soaring synth/guitars and the sad lyrics, it makes me feel both euphoric and emotional at the same time. I know a lot of people have compared GL to Vienna/Ultravox but does anyone think it also sounds a lot like "If I Was" by Midge Ure? I can't get the Midge Ure song out of my head since hearing GL
  9. To be honest, from the references Muse made to UD in various interviews, i.e. first song with no guitar, timbaland beats etc. I was kinda dreading what this would turn out like. But..... I can't get it out of my head, am in love with the song, the beat, Matt's voice, the lyrics, very sexy, hypnotic and personal. I could definitely see this being the next single.
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