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  1. The girls bit or The Groove? Even after hearing about the soundcheck, The Groove was so out of left-field that I had trouble comprehending it Who was responsible for the balloons? I particularly enjoyed the "Play Guiding Light ... + Big Freeze" one ...
  2. I briefly went over to the stage door after and heard these girls, one of them said really loudly and ostentatiously "I just think all their songs sound the same ..." It was so obvious she was looking for a rise out of people that I didn't bother with her. Anyway, what a night! When I heard about Fury and The Groove being soundchecked I didn't want to get my hopes up but when The Groove began I just remember screaming "IT'S THE GROOOOOOOOOVE" in my stepbrother's face The crowd were excellent, the most friendly/talkative I've experienced at a Muse gig as well as the most nuts. I don't think I'll see a Muse show as good as this in the future.
  3. This time tomorrow my stepbrother and I will be in Manchester, hopefully queueing I'll be wearing a grey TR hoodie and an East India Youth shirt (because I'm a contrary fuck). I'm looking forward to hanging out in the queue!
  4. Glad to see it's not just me, this really isn't on. Preordered the CD/DVD in August, it was dispatched on 26/9 according to .mu but no sign of it, and I only got the IS email yesterday.
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