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    Dundee, Scotland
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    muse! reading, music, playing guitar
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    delirious, brian houston,arcade fire, biffy clyro, cold war kids, amy macdonald, kt tunstall,
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    west side story, the english patient, sense and sensibility, pride and prejudice, my left foot, in the name of the father, before sunrise/ sunset, memento, shawshank redemption,
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    frasier, the l word, heroes, doctor who, e.r
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    contemporary fiction really, fav author is paullina simons - bronze horseman trilogy is amazing, like philippa gregory as well, we need to talk about kevin, the time traveller's wife, the curious incident. . .
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    just the usual, 5 albums, absolution/ hullabaloo dvds. physical singles - the black holes ones and for some reason b&h.
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    dundee - radio 1's big day out 13/05/06
    edinburgh - meadowbank stadium 24/08/06
    aberdeen - aecc 6/11/06
    glasgow - secc 7/11/06
    pinkpop - 27/05/07
    london - wembley 16/06/07
  1. 1- Origin/ Absolution 3- The Resistance 4- Black Holes 5- Showbiz Origin contains more songs I love,but the ones I love on Abso I love deeper. Really don't rate much of Black holes except Hoodoo and CoD which I adore I really enjoy still much of Resistance.
  2. Showbiz- Fillip Origin-Feeling Good Absolution - Thoughts of a dying atheist/ The Small Print Black Holes and Revelations -Exo-politics The Resistance - Guiding Light
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  4. videos up now as well [YT]L6dp9fuM8MM[/YT]
  5. Congratulations How about asking something related to the treasure hunt? How much of a close eye did they keep on the messageboards when it was all happening.....
  6. How the hell did you get bryan to put a pic of himself on here RESPECT Hope fully catch up tonight at some point. The tees are amazing!
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