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  1. Awesome, a flight of the conchords reference. I like you.

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  3. hahaha all musers are crazy so wouldnt have botherd me . i wish we had spent more time together :( but next time im up your way ill let you know and we can go out and get a drink or summat :happy: yes yes

    Awesomesauce . we'll chat next time your on . i totally forgot we were msn contacts :$ woops :p haha

  4. Heeello,I've been meaning to talk to you on MSN.Will next time I'm on.

    Was fun talking to you.Was going to say hi in the queue but I was afraid of you thinking I was some crazy person.

  5. oi oi . was awesome meeting you . sorry i didnt really say much and i kinda lost you in the crowd after a few songs . but was awesome all the same . glad you said hi :)

  6. ..non 9v? Nah just the WH4,and there's one there that'll sort that out too. EDIT:But gay,it only powers 12vDC.
  7. Hahaha,I was thinking that but I don't know if it would hold being transported around so much.And I'm a lazy fuck,unless it comes to making Big Muffs.
  8. Thinking of getting a pedalboard.I'll probably just go for one of these unless anyone has any better recommendations.
  9. It's been a while since I listened to 3rd storey chemist.Love the vocals!Think I prefer the older version of offonoff,has more energy.
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