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  1. *dances wildly* :D *gets thrown out of college LINC*
  2. :eek: :eek: :eek: It's over. Now what do I do?
  3. That was a bit Python, wasn't it? NARRATOR: Oh, anyway. On to scene twenty-four, which is a smashing scene with some lovely acting, in which Arthur discovers a vital clue, and in which there aren't any swallows, although I think you can hear a starling-- oooh!
  4. And the Lord spoke forth, and He said 'And lo, the Apocalypse shall come, and the wicked shall be punished in the fires of their sin, but the righteous shall come forth to my eternal paradise, where we shall praise Muse for knowing it was going to happen all along and warning us beforehand with some lovely guitars and a really smashing bit of drumming.'
  5. So many scary schoolchildren!!! Does Matt do Theology lectures as well as flowers? I'd love to have him as my uni lecturer, that would be great fun. Actually, no, I can't be bothered to wait a year, I'll have Matt, Chris and Dom as my A Level teachers for Classics, Religious Studies and Psychology. Who's best at what, do you think? Oh wait, what about General Studies (blah) and Key Skills Communication (double blah, both compulsory)?
  6. Can they reach the cards? I had a kind of semi-dazed image appear the night before last, as opposed to an acual dream, as I was half-awake. I was listening to Bliss on my iPod (teh 120-song shuffle!!! yay!!! hehe) and I was thinking in tired half-formed sentences like this: Bliss. Bliss Matt. Matt red hair Bliss. Matt red hair dye? Dye hair red Matt? I woke up slightly by this point and it occurred to me that, while having colourful hair is very cool, the actual dyeing process doesn't seem particularly rock and roll to me at all. Then a fleeting image appeared in my mind of Matt with a bottle of stupidly-named L'Oreal hair dye (something like 'Strawberry Blush') going 'Ooh, harmonising highlights!' Then I thought about it and realised I should probably turn off the iPod and go to sleep. And I like peanut butter.
  7. I've never started a thread which has avoided death for so long! Wow! I thank you all for the life-support I have dreamed absolutely nothing recently. Nothing at all. Does that make me unimaginative? On a different note my friends are all off at festivals seeing Franz Ferdinand and the Kaiser Chiefs and the Rakes and Bloc Party and Rufus Wainwright and Radiohead and We Are Scientists and MUSE!!! and Maximo Park and (etc)......................................while I'm spending my time on eight hour round trips to go and see universities.
  8. Answer me these questions three, 'ere my latest concert shall you see! Question One: What is your name? Question Two: What is your quest? Question Three: What is your favourite colour? Question Four: What is the air speed velocity of an unladen Snickers?
  9. Thank you person who translated my dream, and yes I am in college, and yes I just got my results, but they were very good so I am ok. No wasps for me And all I could think of last night was Pink Floyd going 'I've got a bike, you can ride it if you like!'
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