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  1. Sorry everyone who didn't get tickets It seems the categorie 1 tickets are indeed with the possibility to stand as well And another girl said she waited in line at a post office, and the cassier told her at 1 minute past 10, there were 300 tickets left in total for Paris Pretty much all gigs sold out in record time.
  2. Awh shame Mine also says categorie 1, so I got seats
  3. Yeah turns out, I got seats as well if anybody wants to change standing tickets for seats... well contact him first ^^ and then me No shortage of seats, it seems.
  4. Wow I got lucky and got tickets but I have no idea what I bought..... it just said "2 seats" and no details about that I really hope it's standing tickets though...... I went back 20 minutes after 10 and it said tickets were unavailable... guess it sold out already!
  5. Yeah..... yeah.... Thanks, you too hopefully we'll both get lucky. And everybody else ^^
  6. Is it closed now? I really want standing tickets for Paris! The waiting is killing me I can't see anything on that link that says, buy tickets, but maybe my French is just that bad
  7. video of the BellDom shit quality but I didn't find another video of it so uploaded mine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-eMXYZhiRI Love the amp spinning http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZFjCFXm_NU Yeah that sound at the start, isn't my bad camera trying out something new there??
  8. well I woke up one morning, looked next to me and found matt AND dom AAAND chris lying beside me so I was asking myself how much I had to drink and... shud I tell it was a muse poster I had on the ceiling above my bed that fell down over night.... naaaaah
  9. omg for a second I was like... theres really people who haven't heard starlight?!?! huh?!?! ...then I watched the date.... and now I'm feeling very stupid ps, I love starlight
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