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  1. I have one good seat in block 101 next to the stage for sale. I paid £140 ( inc fees) for it but very open to offers and not expecting to get that.
  2. Number of Tickets: 1 Type of Ticket: Seat Block 101 Row T - good seat near the stage in the lower tier Date of Show: Sat 15th Sept 2019 Venue/City: o2 London Price for all Tickets: 125 Price for each Ticket: 125 Postage Options: Recorded Signed for First Class - 1.20 Payment Options: I accept Paypal Other Information:
  3. Anyone know what these are yet ? I m interested in Saturday please
  4. JeremyL

    Ticket prices

    Wow that's a really big hike in a short period. About 67 % increase in 3 years. Hard to understand. I got 3 tickets yesterday and both my mates had a "HOW MUCH ?" response when I told them what they owed me. 😳 Saying all that I am really excited to see them especially on a Saturday indoors in London.
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