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    ::Met Muse and played pool with them!::
  1. How long does the presale last? And why are tickets $100?!
  2. You rock! Thanks a bunch!
  3. Would anyone who has the Muse font be willing to post a large picture of the word "Problematique" in all caps and in all lowercase? From what I can tell the font is called Frutiger 65 Bold. I'm going to get this tattooed, but would rather not purchase the entire font pack just to be able to type one word. Thanks in advance!
  4. Yea, but somehow I don't think those two bands are looking for members!
  5. Is anybody here in Atlanta, GA and interested in starting a band? I play the drums, bass, and guitar, and am looking for some other musicians to start writing with and playing shows. My main influences are Muse, Coldplay, and a bunch of alternative rock/punk bands, so I'd be interested in combining those influences somehow. I do have some demos up on the Soundcloud link in my signature, but most of them aren't too recent.
  6. I'd be curious to see how it sounds compared to the 100% pitch shifting mode. I've played around with it while controlling the pedal with my foot, but it probably sounds better having it switch between the octaves without the in-between bending.
  7. Here it is! Map of the Problematique for Ableton Live You'll need to locate the recorded version of the song in order to play along with it, but other than that, just go to arrangement view and the whole track is laid out from left to right. Also, make sure your MIDI cable's output is plugged into the Whammy. Note: This was made in Ableton Live 8 to be used with a Whammy IV. It should work with newer versions, but I'm curious to see it's compatibility.
  8. I've got the effect programmed out for the Whammy Pedal in Ableton if anyone wants the file.
  9. lpdrummer

    Doms Drums

    Is he not on here anymore? I haven't been a regular on here in probably 4-5 years, but I used to enjoy talking with him drummer to drummer! Maybe I should get back into posting on here more often, I've really started looking at Dom's drumming in a whole new way, and the drumming on Muse songs just fit so perfectly.
  10. lpdrummer

    Doms Drums

    His kit for the 2nd Law tour is a DW Jazz Series. According to Drum! Magazine, the sizes are 22x20 kick, 14x6.5 snare, 12x10, 15x15, and 16x16 floor toms, and an 18x16 floor tom on his right.
  11. Guiding Light was a nice surprise! Having seen them in Tampa and then Atlanta a few months later, tonight's set was an awesome addition!
  12. Finally seeing Muse again tomorrow, three years has been too long!! I will likely get there a couple hours before the show, I'm not sure how crowded it is expected to be. When I saw them in 2009 up in Georgia, I got there shortly before the show started and didn't have a problem getting up pretty close, but I'm not sure what Florida will be like fan-wise. I'm sure I'll see some of you there!
  13. Hey Drummer boy - PM back :)

  14. Hey man! My name is Matt and I am interested in getting the presale password from you if it's still possible!? I want to go see them so bad and would love to be able to score some great seats!

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